I have been debating whether or not to go. Don't know if the ridiculousness will be too much to handle or not. Anyone else planning to check it out?

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If it's not a debate (and it doesn't sound like it is), I'm pretty sure I would just explode if I had to endure all of their delusional drivel. Let's hope they don't manage to sway any of the 'fence-sitters' with their so-called "scientific facts".
I planned to attend this PZ Myers-style, just sit quietly and take it all in and maybe laugh/cry about it later. I had to go out of town that weekend, though; I was so looking forward to seeing all my private school teachers from middle school and showing them what a terrible godless person one of their former students turned into. What really scares me is that if this event had been set up around 1995-97, I would have attended and probably eaten it up without question.

Luckily the worst event like that I had to go to was a Bob Dole campaign trail speech, which all the students were forced to go to by the school regardless of their parents' political affiliations.


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