Anyone in Middle and East TN interested in a social? Read this and respond...

A few of us, and some over towards East TN way, have been thinking about putting together a meet up on top of Monteagle mountain later this fall. There are beautiful mountain chalet's up there, and we have been thinking about trying to get a nice one rented for a mixer, you know drinks and great conversation. There is a hotel there also, so after the drinks and conversation, if you wish you could just stay the night. Monteagle is beautiful, and we are thinking the leaves will be changing by then. This is just a feeler. We have been thinking it would be nice for us all, from east and middle TN to finally meet!!! Here's the place we are thinking about

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Sounds like a great idea. I'm a mid-tn person so it would be a great spot.
I think this is an excellent idea. I live in Giles County and will be there if at all possible.
Yes!! That is a great idea. I live in Mt. Juliet, so that wouldn't be far at all. Keep me posted
I would totally be interested :) That sounds great! Let's get the wheels turning.
Lets plan on it. I will be in Pulaski the last weekend in October or can make down any weekend actually. Just let me know.
I am a RN. I am the only non-theist I know. I would like very much to be able to talk to people who share my views.

I am gonna post up a link to the Nashville Atheist group.  This is a really awesome and active bunch of folks.  Unfortunately I have moved to East TN so I don't get to go to these meetings.  You can join this group and receive notifications on upcoming events.

Thanks Kelly, I look them up!
Yes, yes, I like it!! Hey Ninja girlie, just shoot me an email with the time, and an address! (I'm in east TN near Chattanooga, but I am just desperate enough to meet rational like minded people to get up early for the drive!!) Also, anyone from the Chattanooga/Cleveland area that might want to car pool, let me know! I have a convertible, and I'm sure the drive will be beautiful!
Wait. Let me get this straight. There'll be NO babies for consumption?!?!?!........Shit! (he says with exasperated disappointment).

I'll reply to the evite after I ask the wife if she has a preference on what to bring.

Thanks JoAnna. Looking forward to it.

Hey all you lovely people.  the powers that be at A/N never replied to my requests to alter my account, so I had to delete it and start over. 


Our event this past fall was great - about 13 people attended, and we consumed 3 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of orange juice, three batches of pancakes, numerous scones, about TWO POUNDS of bacon, followed by chocolate cake.  We prayed over it so none of it had calories.


If anyone would like to be on my list for a springtime brunch, make a note here, but also please shoot me an e-mail directly.  Ciao!

I would LOVE to!


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