Anyone in Middle and East TN interested in a social? Read this and respond...

A few of us, and some over towards East TN way, have been thinking about putting together a meet up on top of Monteagle mountain later this fall. There are beautiful mountain chalet's up there, and we have been thinking about trying to get a nice one rented for a mixer, you know drinks and great conversation. There is a hotel there also, so after the drinks and conversation, if you wish you could just stay the night. Monteagle is beautiful, and we are thinking the leaves will be changing by then. This is just a feeler. We have been thinking it would be nice for us all, from east and middle TN to finally meet!!! Here's the place we are thinking about

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Hey Kelly, I think we met back when the Sevierville Meet-up Group was trying to get started. I just joined this group to see what was going on. Looks like scarce activity here in East TN, some things never change.

Did you have any luck on your social?

I have actually found a pretty cool free thinker's group in Chattanooga!  My business has kept me busier than I would like, so anytime I can get together with like minded people is a real treat for me.  It can get kinda tiresome swimming in the pond with mental midgets.......How are things in your neck of the woods??
Sounds great if we can swing it (my husband's currently unemployed, so fun budget is a bit lean...)! I am in Mid-TN so it's no great distance...would be nice to spend time with some like-minded people!
Even though I live as far away in TN as you can get,  I would still love to attend - Post the details here and I will plan around it!
I live just outside of Nashville in La Vergne. I've been striving to attend an Atheist gathering for quite some time now. If there ever is a 'meetup', please, let me know. I would be interested in attending!

Anyone who is in Middle TN or the Nashville area, here is a link to the Atheist group there.  These are super nice and pretty well organized folks.  Since I moved to East TN don't get over there that much, but thought I would pass it on.  That group is fairly active and always has activities going on.  I'm posting the link and anyone interested can sign up to receive email on upcoming activities.

Hope this helps :)

thanks for sharing, I will look into that meet-up. :)

Here is the link to the Nashville Atheists on

This group has it going on :)

Thank you so much for the link! I will be attending this weekend and I look forward to it. Not so much the fact that I'll be the youngest person there, but it'll be interesting nonetheless. (I should really get on here more often...)

I'm a mid-TN atheist in Franklin.  I've met some of the Nashville Atheists group.  You can put me on the map for social atheists in the area.

We can't travel far or get away much, but we are interested in getting together.


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