Just trying to meet other non-believers who live close. 

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Hi Glen,
Fellow Atheist living in the holy rolling town of Cleveland here. Just moved back to Cleveland from Middle TN after about a nine year absence. So, yes we are out here! I have several friends who are not "out" yet but they are like minded individuals and I feel that there are way more of us who "lurk" waiting for the time to be right to announce they are non believers as well. Good to know there are people close by who have the ability to think for themselves!!!! And here in the buckle of the bible belt no less!
Hi Kelly! It's good to meet you. Welcome back to Jesusland (I mean Cleveland lol). Look for my car when you are out and about. I drive a dark grey PT Cruiser with a Darwin Fish and just about every day I have a new anti-religious message on my back window. Yesterday it said, "The Bible Is Not a Good Book".

I wanted to tell you that you have an awesome profile and I love what you wrote! It makes my day to know there are others out there here who don't buy into all the religious BS! And even better that you are an educated and very attractive girl on top of it!
well for all of those attributes (lol joke), I'm still sitting at home on the weekends because dating has been a complete nightmare for me! I'll be sure to look for your cruiser. I bet most people don't even know what a darwin fish is, but that is so cool that people leave you notes. That means there are more of us than we know!!!! And right here in Lee University town! I need to put one of those on my ride. I am running our family business here in Cleveland so I have to be careful how "out" I am, but I by no means hide it. I just tell people I'm not really religious.
Do you know of any free thinkers groups around here? If so by all means let me know. I'm ready to get involved!!! I'm over quietly allowing the jeebus crew to have free reign over this town. It's our home to!!!
Hi Kelly, it's been a while since I have logged in here. We recently moved to the Knoxville area and I have been visiting a UCC church here because I had visited the one in Chattanooga before I left. Anyone can feel welcome there including atheists and people who are gay. I was told that a large percentage of people who attend the one here are atheists so that motivated me to go and meet some others like myself. I don't think Cleveland has one.

I also had been going to meetups with CFA, Chattanooga Freethought Association, which as far as I know is the closest one to Cleveland. They are a cool group and if you haven't been you should check it out. I was kinda sad to have to leave just when I was getting to know a few people but we had to relocate for my wife's new job.

If you go, tell John and Tracy (Hamilton) that I said hi! I am about to get ready for a dinner party at the UCC church! ttyl




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