Greetings from Lawrenceburg.  Sandwiched between Nashville and the Alabama line, Lawrenceburg is the county seat town for Lawrence County!   I have been an Army Chaplain and Methodist Pastor for nearly 34 years.   It got harder and harder to "preach" because I was no longer believing what I was saying.  I could not tell that to the people so I played along until I could retire some 6 years ago.

As you well know in Tennessee, especially away from the college towns, everyone is very conservative religiously and not too many folks calling themselves Atheists or Agnostics.  If there are they are still in the closet.

Anyway, I have not made it publicly known about my change to reason from faith. I no longer attend any church.  I need time to think all things through and make sure that I can make my position known when the time is right.   Just wanted to say hi!



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