SB 0893 back door to creationism in TN public schools!! Time to do something!!

Here we go, creationists trying to weasel their way into the classroom yet again.  So, this one kinda slid in under the radar on us.  It has been widely discussed since it's passing on some other websites I am subscribed to, and felt it my duty as a free thinking TN resident, to put it out there, so the rest of us here in TN can get good and fired up, and maybe start sending emails and making a little noise.  So maybe TN can get embarrassed into submission the way the gov of Alabama did.  Here is a link to the bill


After reading it, I felt like it left a nice sized gap for the go ahead of creationism and the arguments against evolution, (even though they are not based on any real Science that has been recognized in or by actual field experts).  It's a slippery slope folks, and I'm really tired of the dumbing down religion has cost this country.  I refuse to let this ignorance touch my child.  This state already has issues with it's educational capabilities.  There were several folks who spoke up against this bill.  I will link here to what I know. 

Go to HB 0368 on the playlist on the left side of screen and will see Molly Miller of Vanderbilt University addressing the senate:


Email her to let her know she did an awesome job.  We gotta let these people know we have their backs!!  Rep DeBerry of Memphis completely shows his ass and goes off on a diatribe attacking intellectuals and people with "prefixes or suffixes attached to their names"  Send Molly some love.  She's fighting the good fight.  Email her :) I did and she responded, very thankful to hear people on her side!


I feel it would be worth while to point out to Rep. John DeBerry why what he said is such a dis-service to the TN educational system.  I know I took great pleasure in penning this jack wagon an email explaining to him the difference between Scientific theory and Mythology.  His email address below and PLEASE, let your voice be heard!!!



Other people who advised against this bill:

Wesley Roberts - Professor of Biology/Astronomy - Hume Fogg


Andrew Kramer  Professor of Anthropology - University of Tennessee Knoxville


Gary F. McCracken - Department Head of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - University of Tennessee Knoxville


This is our back yard guys....we have a voice, but only if we make it be heard.


If anyone else has something good to add to what we can do, PLEASE POST IT!!!

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Well, if it does manage to go through then we are one concerned parent closer to the likelihood of a lawsuit.
Hi Kelly,
I agree this is worth speaking out against because the covert intent is clear.
All you can ever say to these people is that ID & creationism are not scientific theories of anything because they aren't testable in any way. But as you know, there is no reasoning with the religiously deluded. However, take heart in the fact that most teachers completely ignore the edicts from these legislative dickweeds and teach what they want to. In Texas, it is quite common for teachers to even 'teach against the text' (I am quoting from a teacher here) because of all the political bias that has been loaded into them. So I would argue that these kind of bills have little or no effect on what gets taught. Still, they are worth speaking out against.
Keep up the good work,

Hey thanks for taking the time to read it JP :)  This issue is really close to me because my son is in public school.  In one of my responses above I mentioned why this all bothers me soooo badly and it was because the Gideons were allowed to hand out their vile little book in my son's school.  That was something I just couldn't keep to myself.  I was pissed, and what surprised me was that I was apparently NOT the only parent in this holier than thou town to be royally upset by this. Letters, phone calls, emails, all of it I did.  Didn't have to speak out at the PTO meeting.  Someone else covered that, (YAY) and letters were sent home with all of the students apologizing for anyone that might have been offended, and said that the children were not forced to take the bibles.  However that they had heard our voice, and will no longer allow this to happen in the school again.  So, I have a really keen idea of what is really going on in our schools here.  They can only do that when you aren't watching.  When they get caught they have to stop.  This bill, kinda gives them an out of trouble clause, because anything they might discuss could just be "umbrella'ed" by this piece of crap.

I understand completely.  I have 2 school age daughters myself.

The indoctrination of youth is one of the principle ways religious claptrap is propagated and we have to call them on every infraction in the public school system.  At least we have federal law to back us up.

In reference to what Joseph posted above:

" in an objective manner the scientific strengths
and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories.."


It strikes me as laughable that they feel compelled to insert that word three times when once would have sufficed.  Science, by its intrinsic nature, is a process of critical analysis. Of course, that is because they are trying to shoe-horn in criticisms that are anything but scientific. But maybe if they use the word enough...



What can we do?  It looks like this thing is going to pass, but what can we do as rational thinkers to voice our opposition?  I am proud of my Southern roots and I appreciate the history that is here, but I am tired of being governed by people that insist on making this area of the country appear as ignorant as possible.  Any ideas on how to present a voice that counteracts this?

I just e-mailed 80 gajillion Vanderbilt professors.

ACLU of Tennessee
Please visit this link, enter your zip code, and follow the instructions to generate letters to our representatives.  PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

Odds are if your Senate representative is not on the Education Committee, they will just dodge your comments and say that have nothing to do with the vote yet.  But every little but helps.  You can also email the Senators that are on the committee here: 

They probably simply won't respond to, however. 

Anybody interested in organizing to draw attention to this situation, please reply and PM me (preferably with an e-mail address so I can keep you updated).


I am very, very interested in this, Cody!  Shoot me an email at




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