If you heve any doubt that the Repubs have been hijacked by the religious right, you should have caught, as I did, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) at the Republican Leadership Conference.  During her speech, covered by CSPAN, she mentioned the necessity for lowering taxes.  And then she said something insane, something only a bull moose loony would utter: She spoke of the Sunday tithe of ten percent, adding, "If it's good enough for church on Sunday, it's good enough for Washington on Monday."  Yeah, and while we are at it, let's put Sabbath scofflaws in stocks, stone to death all homosexuals and women who get abortions, and interpret all laws (as Gomer Shuckabee insists we should) according to Booblical principles.  These people are theocratic ideologues, the most dangerous element in American society.  They are lucky I don't have a chance of being elected to public office.  I would round 'em all up and put 'em in reorientation camps where mind control techniques would be brought to bear on their stupid, illogical, dumbass ideas.

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I am horrified.  I got this from The Nerd.  I think it applies here.



We have to get out the vote of the sane people in 2012. We also must do our best to publicize this kind of craziness. I don't think that Bachmann will get the nomination, but whoever does will be heavily indebted to extreme religious crackpots, having gotten through the primaries where they rule.

Remember, these are primaries.  Once the candidate is selected, they move more toward the middle.  They fool a lot of people because most Americans have short attention spans and are condemned to repeat history, not just because they failed to learn from it but in many cases because they never learned it in the first place.  These knuckleheads are dumbing down America. 


I was just in the supermarket buying my morning O.J.  I passed by a book on the racks near checkout.  There was one "by" Glenn Beck (actually a ghost writer, assisted by about five other "contributors").  I picked it up and flipped through it.  It was an analysis of the Constitution with the "Federalist Papers" of Madison.  What the book seems to have never got around to discussing was Madison's well know, well documented utter contempt for Christeranity.  I noted that the cover blurb also mentioned a previous book "by" Beck using the writings of Thomas Paine as a springboard.  Paine was devoutly atheist. 


What is going on now is sweeping fact and history under the carpet.  Tyrannical leaders keep their subjects ill-educated so that the totalitarian regime can fool them into thinking this was how things were meant to be.  This will be our fate if the Christer Hoodlums are allowed to get in power.  Resist!


James, do not get me wrong, I agree with everything you say.  I do, however, feel the message will ultimately be more powerful if name calling is avoided.....'Gomer Shuckabee", may be an appropriate description but we simply cannot allow the religious right to play the victim and dismiss non-theists as crude.

Best Wishes,


Is that why nobody appears to read my weblog, "The Gospel According to Jebus Crust"?

I just got a call from a so called “Conservative” group playing on the general populations’ ignorance.

Right of the bat they are calling “socialism.”  Then they say that President Obama raised the national debt to 14 trillion.  Funny how they ignored the fact that under G.W. Bush the national debt doubled and ended up around 10 trillion dollars.  They also pushed how Obama was the worst president since Carter.  While not a Carter fan, I do recall G. W. Bush’s ratings being pretty damn low.

And of course, they cried, “MUSLIMS!!!!”  In my view all religions are dangerous.  All of them.

They also mentioned how fat the government has grown.  Oddly enough, they didn’t mention how fat it got under G.W. Bush and Company.  Nor did they mention that G.W. Bush also signed the bailout in the fall of 2008.

When I mentioned that I voted for Obama and liked the man, and that the government got “fat” under G.W.Bush, there was also a frivolous war, and how under the Patriot Act, they wiped their asses with the Constitution.

   They quickly said thank you and hung up.

And all they were asking for was a hundred or two dollars to run a full page ad in US Today…..

  Remember..I use to be a Republican. Then, at the 1992 National Republican Convention in Houston, I walked out saying to myself, "The Republican Party has left me...."   The religious nuts had taken it over.

I donno, Rick, the pols always play to their base -- nice choice of words, given its other meaning -- and push the religion button during primaries.  I loved the debate which had all the presidential candidates but McCain saying they did not believe in evolution, and some, like Gomer, really did not, since one may not believe in evolution and "God" at the same time.  (Actually, John Lilly wrote a fine book titled "Simulations of God" or something like that that made a lot of sense to me; he pioneered the idea that a computer could be God.)  But the Bachmann-Santorum Overdrive is pushing theocracy. The very idea that so many presidential candidates believe in such things as the Rapture is just downright scary to me.  The base is so ignorant.  They don't even see how they are being used by both their religious leaders and their politicians, who grow fat on the graft that is built into the system.  Look at that turd Bill Frist, another cracker from Tennessee, who won election on Big Pharma money and got tossed out for ethical violations.  Within no time, he was the drug companies' chief lobbyist.  THAT is wrong!




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