A xtian minister asked me to conduct a meditation and buybull study because she is leaving town for two weeks.  I work for her daughter.  When I met this woman I told her I was atheist and I was not interested in discussing Jesus or worshiping a fictitious being.  I also told her that I am not into fairy tales.

I have told her repeatedly to leave me alone and she won't.  I am asking all of you the following because I want to get this through to her about MY beliefs and the best way to do it is to go through her parishioners.

1) What would the topic be?

2) What would be the best way of getting through to them so that she/they won't bother me again?

I am looking for another job.

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To adequately address this, one would need more information about the minister, her denomination, and the character of her congregation (i.e. liberal/conservative etc). I'd approach this very differently if they were, for instance, Unitarian, Methodist, or Baptist.
I've felt very comfortable at a Unitarian church, participated in a very open and informative discussion about atheists at my former Methodist church, and been uneasy just driving by a Baptist church. But hey, folks like Matt Dillahunty and Zach Moore have waded into many different types congregations and had constructive exchanges. But, it really has to be your thing to take on the tougher ones.

The thing is, we are slowly being recognized as a group of substantial and growing size and influence, and this minister may earnestly be reaching out in good faith, albeit in a probably very clumsy way, or, she may just be an idiot.

I would jump at the chance to conduct a meditation and buybull study! I would be full of questions for those attending. I would be generous with answering theirs.

I would use as my bible verse something from The Women's Bible

I'd bone up on A Manual for Creating Atheists, by Peter Boghossian.

I would begin the meditation by describing why I am not a Christian and then ask them why they are. 

My questions would be along the lines of: 

"Do you believe that? Explain to me why?"

"How do you know it is true?" "What evidence do you have?"

I would expect put-downs, discounts, trivializations, and demonizations. 

I would prepare myself to hear some ugly things name-calling and not take them personally. 

I would practice being calm, descriptive, reasonable, honest, non-apologetic. 

Put on a "mental coat of armor"

Don't expect to be liked and don't pretend to like their ideas. Be friendly if appropriate. 

Not many, if any, will hear you; they will close their minds to your description of why you are not a Christian. 

Perhaps some will begin to question their faith and belief. 

Intend to plant ideas; don't even try to persuade anyone to change his or her mind. 

You would be foolish to try this if you don't have a thick skin and a good sense of humor. 

Do it and teach the parts that are never taught. A good reference site is http://evilbible.com




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