I belong to an Atheist Meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/Houston-Atheists/
) in the Houston area and the current organizer wishes to run for Texas Governor in 2014.
I'm curious as to what anyone thinks but I'm especially curious as to how many would actually give support and vote for her.

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The fact that she is an atheist is immaterial - except as it relates to the willingness of Texans to vote for her. I would never vote for a person just because they were an atheist any more than I would just because they had red hair.

What is far more material to me is her political philosophy and how that would translate to policy. (Or at least to policy initiatives.)
This is true....although I am curious......pleas provide links to her political philosophies and her platform......
The best way to get to know who she is and what she does would be to join the Atheist Meetup group. I'm not aware as to whether she has a blog/site with her political philosophy open for view.



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