Someone at the polling place told me that Atheists are more christ like than xtians.


What do you think?


BTW, more of my adventures at the polling place coming soon.

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Who wants to be christ-like?  Telling people they have to hate their mother-father-sister-brother in order to follow him?  Saying that he wants anyone who doesn't want to be ruled by him brought before him to be slain in his presence?  Making all sorts of claims about a second coming in their lifetimes which never happened?

If that's "christ-like," I'll stick with my own modus operandi, thankuverymuch!

I think this must be a trick question or something. Loren, of course, answered wonderfully. I would have to agree with what he just stated. But I think your main question really ask if we behave better than xtians. Since I am bias, I would say we do behave better.

Oh, a further comment: in all my conversations/debates/whatever with believers, I have NEVER ONCE told them that they shouldn't believe.  I HAVE told them why I don't, perhaps with the suggestion that they reexamine the reasons for their own beliefs (not that they would).  Too many of them, on the other hand, are quite willing to claim my folly and insist that I must either believe as they do or suffer eternal torment, which they can neither demonstrate nor corroborate.

Again - this is christ-like?

I would enjoy hearing more of your polling place adventures!


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