This morning I received a phone that I was not expecting.  My friend Adela son called to tell me that she passed away Sunday in her sleep.  The cause is unknown, she may have mixed alcohol with drugs, especially with Vicodin with sleeping pills.  Adela had a serious drinking problem.  Since May, she was involved in three DWI/DUI arrests.  She was considering rehab for her addiction and her court appointed attorney talked her out of it.



So I start calling our friends and co-workers to tell them about Adela.  One call really pissed me off.  Beverly said, well, you know that G'd does not make mistakes.  I'm like, ok, I'll listen to off the tangent bull$hit.  Throughout the conversation that was all Beverly said, "G'd does not make mistakes."


If I am not mistaken, G'd regretted creating man in Genesis 6:6-7.  Now if this not a mistake, then what is?

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I agree - big mistake there. I bet they didn't know how to answer you either.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Condolences.

So ... got makes no mistakes, eh?  That statement, in and of itself, may be the single biggest load of horseshit humanity has ever been exposed to.

Why can't we admit to what we already know: that "god" is nothing more than the imaginings of man, with all his weaknesses, pettiness and all-too-human foibles, an expression of human fallibility, multiplied by the human imagination of what "omnipotence" and  "omniscience" must be.  Oh, but I'd be taking away someone's security blanket from them, depriving them of their "holy guide" or whatever.

To such people, I have a simple message: Get On Your OWN TWO FEET and LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE.

Is that so hard ... really?




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