A friend of mine called me and told me that she is sending me a link about Greg Abbott.  As you all know Greg is running to replace Rick Perry.  Wouldn't it be funny if he lost the election because of this story?

Is sex illegal in Texas?

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Greg Abbott isn't banning dildos. Greg Abbot IS a dildo.

No he's a manual man.

Too bad, Ban dildos in Texas and there goes the Repuglican party.

Wendy Davis should make a case out of this.

James, you just insulted every dildo I know of!  I mean, at least dildos are supposed to be a means to pleasure.  I'm not sure I could name a single republican who rates that!


Abbott looks like a woodie.

I want to know what is it with the Vijay that Rephuckicans are so obsessed with?

Do you think Greg will approve of this site?


Another blow against Greg's empire - Bloggers Margaret and Helen posted a nice little piece recently titled Someone needs to tell Greg Abbot where babies come from.


Here's the meat of the posting:

But do you know what else I find hard to believe? That Texas could have a Governor more stupid than Rick Perry or even George Bush.

I shudder to think that Tweedle Dee followed Tweedle Dumb in our State Capitol, but this confederacy of dunces is only going to get worse if we elect Greg Abbott this fall. (For those of you who don’t live here, he’s our esteemed Attorney General who is running for Governor against Wendy Davis.)

Yesterday, Abbott argued that the state’s ban on same sex marriage would reduce the number of babies born out of wedlock. Evidently, heterosexuals won’t have unprotected sex as long as Ellen and Portia can’t file jointly in Texas on the off chance they move here. Thank goodness because I had given up on the idea that heterosexuals would ever get on the condom band wagon. Bless his heart. Abbott can’t help being stupid, but he could have stayed home.

Lots of Hollywood buzz that Mr. Abbott is becoming a movie producer - watch for his hot sequel, Two Dicks and a Baby.





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