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Anything we can do to give her a hand? If there's a protest against here we could definitely show up in support. Also it might be a good idea to write letters/emails to the council simply making them aware that this is NOT some lone woman with an agenda of her own but instead a position which many of us locals support.

Legal fund? Need/taking donations?
Etc... ?

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We had (have) a similar issue recently with one of the city councils in the DFW area. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is involved.

Here's the news coverage:

I would suggest contacting the area atheist/freethought groups such as SECULAR Center USA, Houston Church of Freethought, and Houston Atheists with a notice of what is going on as well as a request for any volunteers who may be necessary. Kay may already be involved in one or more of these groups (and if she isn't she probably should be since she is so active in trying to effect change). However, she may not be an atheist and is just a supporter of the constitution.
From an article I read about her 2004 fight she was a member of the, at that time, Houston atheist society so I'd tend to think she's already involved. This was more of a "Hey guys on here who are probably aware and already involved, what can I and other like me that are heretofore unafilliated and out of the loop do, if anything, to help?" ;)
That is a good question. I know finances are always an issue when lawsuits are involved; so I'm sure she could use donations. I think that since she has a history with the Houston Atheist Society that you should contact them for better ways to lend a hand. I, unfortunately, didn't get to meet with them when we were in Houston for Camp Quest Texas a few weeks ago but have heard very positive things about that group from members of Houston Church of Freethought.




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