In Their First Televised Debate, All Four Republican Lieutenant Governor Candidates in Texas Embrace Creationism

During their first televised debate Thursday night, the four Republican candidates to become the next Lieutenant Governor of Texas unanimously agreed that public school science curriculums needed less science and more God.


Late last month, state Board of Education members adopted new high school science books that include full coverage of evolution without the disclaimers sought by social conservatives and other critics of Charles Darwin’s theory.

While none of the lieutenant governor candidates mentioned the board’s decision, three — [Sen. Dan Patrick, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples] — blasted teaching only evolution as a form of “political correctness.” They linked it to what they described as a broader moral decline.

“The breakup of the family in this country has started when we took God out of the classroom,” said Patrick, a radio talk show host.

“As a Christian, certainly creationism should be taught,” said Staples, a former state legislator.

[Lt. Gov. David] Dewhurst, who is seeking a fourth term, agreed.

“It’s a fair discussion to expose students to both sides and let them make the decision with the advice and counsel of their parents,” he said.

Patterson said the country has gone too far in deleting religious instruction from government institutions such as schools. A 1987 U.S. Supreme Court ruling banned teaching of creationism in science classes.

“We need to go back to those things that made this country great,” he said.

Who knew ignorance made our country great?

God, that’s embarrassing. Even for Texas.

The whole conversation evoked the unforgettable moment from 2007 when three Republican candidates for President admitted they didn’t accept evolution:

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I tell people like these idiots this.  Teach your damn religion in your home and not in the schools that my tax dollars are paying for.

I've always loved living in Texas - except for the bass-ackwards politics. 

I have to quote Bill Nye, from his recent debate:

 'If you want to deny evolution and live in your world that's completely inconsistent with everything we've observed in the universe that's fine. But don't make your kids do it,'


This is one of those times where I'd really love to 'like' this article because it exists, but I'm worried that hitting that button will mean to someone that I like that they're doing this.. =/

Like when someone on Facebook posts about a memorial service for someone who died. The service is great, the death, not so much.

Man, we need a new term..

Wow.  There needed to be a second opinion on that stage, someone to call those men on their ignorance and presumption.  Yet apparently there wasn't because of you're a member of the GOP, too often you're supposed to be anti-science and pro-stupidity.

At some point or other, people like this have to be called on their idiocy, and I mean PUBLICLY!




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