My apartment complex had a thanksgiving party for all of the residents.  Naturally, there was a group singing xmas carols and two preachers preaching.

I was walking through the hallway and one of the preachers grabbed me and another neighbor.  We were told to identify ourselves and tell us something about our self.

This is what I said.

Hi, my name is Regina and I am a BLACK ATHEIST CHICK.

Clint said:

I am a Jewish Communist Sodomizer.

The preacher said, well, well, I don't know what to say except, no more introductions.

Everyone that attended the party was in shock.

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Wowee! Good for you and your friend. Way to shut 'em down!

I am lucky enough to live in Austin. That means that I roasted a free-range turkey starting early this morning, with actual flavor and texture, for my husband and our friends and me, and after a Thanksgiving dinner that was superb though I say it myself, in the late afternoon my husband and I were able to ramble over to our neighborhood bar for a drink. (In Texas, as old hands will be aware, it can be hard to get a drink, especially on holidays. This problem is due to too many Baptists with political power. )

At one point, a woman down the bar with whom we're acquainted remarked, "It's Thanksgiving. The Lord wants us to drink today."

I could not help piping up, "We're atheists. We get to drink whenever we want to."

Gales of laughter up and down the bar. (I'm sure she was kidding. This is Austin.)


Hey, Mary.  Me and my atheist bff went to a bar after dinner, too.  We had a great time.

Hi, my name is agnosticat (okay, not really) and I'm a fence-sitting agnostic, annoying both my theist and atheist friends alike.

A memorable moment from my childhood is an occasion when a relative bought me a fancy box of stick candy from the drug store. There were yellow striped candies, green, red, pink, a rainbow of lovely, sweet experiences. I felt I'd hit the jackpot, that my wealth of candy would never end.  I shared my loot with relatives that happened to be all over our house that day (because there was a funeral, ok?). Before I knew it, my candy was suddenly GONE!  I remember crying, so surprised and disappointed that all that candy had so quickly vanished.  Then an aunt lifted up a piece of tissue paper in the candy box, and there, previously undiscovered, was another magical layer of CANDY. Full of new experiences and flavors to discover.

That's what this site reminds me of.




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