There is a resident in my building that sits outside all day long.  He is not bothering anyone.  He is friendly and helpful.  He helps to keep the lawn free and clear of trash and other debris.

Joe, on the other hand is a xtian.  He took it upon himself to complain about Steve to the security guard and management.  Joe tried to get me involved and I told him this.

Steve is not bothering anyone.  I am so sick and tired of you damn xtians going around trying to order people on what to do with their lives.  If Steve wants to sit there like a bump on the log, let him do it.  YOU are not paying his rent, for his food, nor his utilities.

GO SOMEWHERE AND LEAVE THE WORLD ALONE YOU DAMN IDIOT.  I also reminded Joe that when this woman took a cinder block and broke out the windows in his car and several other cars, he did not have the balls to call the police.  I did.  This same woman threw a cinder block at moving vehicles.  Not only did she throw bricks, but she keyed their cars as well.

I asked Joe where in the hell was his voice then?  I told him that can bother someone who not bothering anyone but you cannot bother a woman with a brick?  Joe said that he was praying for her, so that she can get some help.  He also said that I am praying for you as well.  I told him to stick his prayers.

Borrow a set.

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