I moved here from Colorado in February of 2012 in order to take care of my elderly mother. Originally from Mount Pleasant, I moved to Colorado in the spring of 1991 with my wife and two young children. Now the kids are adults and on their own and we have temporarily returned.

Mom is in pretty good shape for 89. Most days she can get around on her own. I have gained an enormous amount of weight since my arrival. Suffice it to say that mom is an awesome southern cook. She has recovered from breast cancer with a double mastectomy and has a positive attitude about life. Unfortunately for me, she is as staunch a Southern Baptist as they come. You see, God saw it in his wisdom to bring me here for her. Why he couldn't see it in his wisdom to not infect her with cancer is beyond me. But who am I to question the wisdom of the lord...<cough..ughhhh...ughhh> Sorry, had to clear my throat.

So, that's my brief story. I have met some people in Longview from the Longview Atheist Society and they are great. I would really like to find non-theists closer to Mount Pleasant. I know that's a tall order. Far and few between and like myself guarded. A stranger in a foreign land is how I feel. So, if your out there, let me know. I can only spend so much time online.

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