Much of Texas continued roasting today in record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures that sent utility companies scrambling to keep up with demand.

Austin was sweltering in 112-degree heat, breaking the city’s all-time high of 107. That record had been broken Monday when the temperature hit 110.


In Austin, TX we broke another heat record made in 1923.  The number of days at 100+, now at 70. The old record in 1923 was 69 days at 100+.


How are all of you holding up in the Texas heat?  Are you changing any of your daily activities to compensate for the hot weather outside?



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RAfter riding our harleys the last 3 Saturdays in this heat we decided to NOT ride this weekend. 100+ just drains ur energy even @ 50mph.
I'm hoping for cooler weather soon.
I cut out of work and went to the lake yesterday.  But even the lake water was a little warm.
That sounds awesome.
I have to plan my bike ride for dusk or early mornings, it's too hot otherwise.
That article says there've only been 37 days over 100 in Austin, not 70. Still, it's plenty! I spend almost no time outside at all. My yard is a total mess, because it's just too hot to get out there and weed and stuff. The only times I'm outside is on my way to the car, a building, or the mailbox. That's all!

I'm from Austin, TX and we hit 70 days of 100+ heat the other day. That article must be old.

Austin, TX sets new record for 100+ degree days

Well we did it! It is 2:55 pm August 24th in Austin, Texas and we have now set a new record of 70 days for most number of triple digit temperature days in a year. Of course, with the 10 day forecast continuing to have us with highs above 100, this year’s new record will certainly hit new heights.

Oh yeah. It looks like the 37 number must have been consecutive days over 100, and 70 (72 now!) was the number of days all year over 100. They just didn't word that ABC News article very well.


I used to live in Austin (went to UT), and the last time I visited in the summer, I thought I was going to die because it was so hot and humid relative to here (Dallas-Ft. Worth area). Our temps are just as high, but it's not very humid here. It was a few years ago, and it's not that humid all the time, but it felt worse than Houston that time! I had never really thought that Austin was much more humid, but it might be. And humidity just makes these ridiculous temps unbearable!

Yeah, ABC worded that article strangely.  I went back to read it.  They are just testing us.

: )

It's even hot at night.  I just went for a walk.  Felt like it was 98 outside.

The grass in my yard died because of the water restrictions and the heat.  Some of the trees are looking stressed as well.

I hope you have a nice weekend. Thanks for replying to my first discussion! : )


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