Texas cheerleaders fight for biblical banners at football games



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A group of Texas high school cheerleaders is at the center of a spat over religious speech after the school district told them they had to stop using Christian-themed banners at school football games.

The large signs, carried onto the field at Kountze High School, included messages such as "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" and "But thanks be to God which gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ," according to a report by NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

Kevin Weldon, superintendent of the Kountze school district, about 85 miles northeast of Houston, informed the cheerleaders' parents Tuesday that the religious banners would not be allowed, the station reported. . . .

But the cheerleaders scored a partial victory on Thursday, when a judge granted a temporary restraining order on enforcement of the ban after parents of the cheerleaders filed a discrimination suit earlier in the week, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Under the injunction, the cheerleaders will be allowed to use the Biblical banners at games at least until an Oct. 4 hearing. . . .

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Solution to this one is simple: let BOTH TEAMS have their Jebus-banners at a game ... and the winner will demonstrate which side that carpenter-turned-halfback is on!

Simple, no? [groan!]

And is anyone surprised, given examples like this, that the US ranks far below other developed nations in the quality of their education? Here's a thought. Have Kountze High School of Texas, with their Jesus banners,  play Kandahar Central High School of Afghanistan, with their Allah banners. The captain of the loosing team's head is then used as the ball at the next polo match in central Asia. Then we can all see how confident they are in the power of their magic man being on "their side."

FFRF is who filed the complaint and they have an alert out to call the superintendent to thank him for stopping this "practice".  I called them today and spoke to his secretary, who was none to happy to pass my thanks on to him.  The number is 409-246-3352....we can all be active on this one.

Thanks for the phone number. I received an email from the FFRF on the issue. Will do all I can to help the FFRF.

The tide is turning.  Before, the superintendent would have told FFRF to sue and kept the banners.  Now the default is on our side.  But this is Texas.  They still believe in paddling in school so changing minds here will be slow. 

All we need is a group of freethinking cheerleaders in a neighboring district to put up an atheist banner for the team to run through.  Then we will see how serious Abbott is about free speech.

Wonder how they'd feel about a bunch of competing catholic cheerleaders at their events?


Time to transubstantiate!


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