We will be having another convention this year! And we hope to see each and everyone of you there. We are planning more activities for the kids such as non newtonian fluid and other projects that they can take home. We are hoping to have a schedule for the activities so parents know when their kids can come play.

We are also having the VP of American Atheists as a guest speaker if you would like more details please visit:

(some of the site is not updated but we are working on it)

Alzafar Temple
San Antonio, Texas.

Saturday, 12pm-8pm
November 14th

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I'm very happy I'm going to be able to speak at the convention and I'm honored to be asked. Being a Texas resident myself, I wouldn't miss it even if I wasn't speaking..

Be there or be square! You can count on me being there! I can't wait!
I'm going. So are a lot of other people I know from Dallas/Fort Worth.
I intend to go, depending on if I can afford the gas money when the time comes......I really, really want to go though.......
I have put it on my calendar.

Anyone interested in getting together for dinner afterward? (I'm probably going to need to spend the night.)
There are going to be after parties...definitely plan on spending the night (and getting a cab if you don't stay within walking distance).
If anyone is worried about travel expenses to the convention, check and see if your area has a freethought/atheist group then contact them and find out if you can carpool. I can help you get in contact with possible carpools in the DFW area, just drop me a note.
The SECULAR Center is organizing carpools to San Antonio from the Houston area. To RSVP as a rider or a driver, please e-mail secularcenterusa@gmail.com. Thanks!
Anybody want to carpool from Austin?
BTW, I'm in college Station.......if anyone in this area, or maybe passing through this area on the way, wants to carpool, let me know......shamarh82@gmail.com
Wow. I did not know this was happening. I was only a few miles from here today. I read Dr. Stenger's 'Failed Hypothesis' book and would love to hear him speak on it. Now I see how joining Atheist Nexus is paying off.
The convention was great. Good speakers, got Vic Stenger to sign my book and take a photograph with me, met presidents and co-presidents of the top atheist organizations in the country, and met some good people.

It was a really good time and, oh yeah, free booze!!!!! lol

There were around 200 people there, lots more than last year I am told, and I hope to see it grow even more next year. (btw, I left some blog posts summarizing the speakers, have a look: http://www.EscapeFromDogma.blogspot.com)


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