We will be having another convention this year! And we hope to see each and everyone of you there. We are planning more activities for the kids such as non newtonian fluid and other projects that they can take home. We are hoping to have a schedule for the activities so parents know when their kids can come play.

We are also having the VP of American Atheists as a guest speaker if you would like more details please visit:

(some of the site is not updated but we are working on it)

Alzafar Temple
San Antonio, Texas.

Saturday, 12pm-8pm
November 14th

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I went and enjoyed it. Next year it will be held in Dallas. The following year in Houston.
There were people there from around the states. Houston, DFW, Austin, Victoria, San Antonio, Palestine, College Station, and others.
If more knew about it more I'm sure would have been there.
I would have gone. I'd heard about it earlier, but somehow I'd managed to forget.
Ya know..there were two guys from College Station.....




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