Today, I was watching a repeat of Trading Spouses while waiting for my margarita.  Two families.  One white, one mixed race.

Mixed race:  Alyce - Black woman (xtreme xtian with rocket engines on wheels), white husband and three daughters. ANTAGONISTIC XTIAN TO THE NTH EXTREME.

White couple: Barbara - wife. Tattoo artist, body piercer, artist with one son.  AGNOSTIC

As soon as I knew they showed the xtian woman talking about her god and bubbles, I knew there would be some $h*t.  Throughout the show she was judgmental, disrespectul of the household and the other family's religious beliefs.

What it all boils down to is these religious idiot addicts, make it hard for anyone to enjoy life in a positive manner.  The older I get the more intolerant I get with these people.  Alyce was down on the Buddhists and I was having dinner and drinks with a Buddhist monk.  We both laughed and shook our heads at this criminal activity from Alyce and her mother.

Why is it that the Buybull preach that it is the duty of the xtian to make everyone and this world miserable?

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Hey, the buybull sez, spread the word ... so they spread the word and the misery with it!


True assessment!

They spread misery!

Thank you Loren for that true assessment of their way of thinking.

I went to an interview last week and the interviewer described the company as a xtian company.  I said to myself.  Aw $h!t I'm screwed.  I can keep my mouth shut for $65K.




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