There's a Dallas/Plano (or is it Plano/Dallas) group that meets all the time.
And a tiny band of folks in Frisco that meets monthly.

What other towns are keeping things sociable?

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We have a group in Walla Walla WA...Big solstice party in Richland WA 19 December...go to and hook up you Washingtonians.

UPDATE: We no longer have the meetup site but we're still around.  Our website is

My group is not specifically atheist, but it is in East Texas (Houston County) and I am having social occasions. It's on and called The Southern Skeptic Tank. Please check it out.

I state that it is for the religiously and socially non-conformist.
I plan to show movies, host artistic events and discussions and generally have a safe place for philosophical discussions.
The North Texas Chruch of Freethought has a "meet up" once a month in Irving near the airport. I'm making my debut tomorrow!
There are some folks who meet up at a coffee shop at 11:00 on Sundays here in College Station.
And I just recently (yesterday to be honest) started a group for us. Our group is kinda small at the moment. Just a few of us at Sweet Eugene's House of Java on Sundays at 10:30am. I have seen groups grow quite well using though.

Anyways, our meetup page is:
Also, you can email us at

I went through the posts to make sure it has not been mentioned (my apologies if it has) but the Houston Atheists Meetup Group serves Houston and the surrounding area :). I'm in "Greater North Houston" and I got involved with the group a few months back.

Check it out:

for the dfw area most of the active groups are members of the DFW Coalition of Reason  There are a lot more groups than just dallas/plano and frisco.  I am one of the directors of Fellowship of Freethought which is headquartered in Dallas.


Houston has at least two groups, San Antonio has two, Corpus Cristi has one, Austin has at least one, there are at least two in East Texas (not on meetup) and then there is the odd scattered middle of nowhere group.  Most of the main college campuses have groups.


If you can't find atheist groups search for other main labels such as secular, bright, freethinker, freethought etc.


btw, I'd highly suggest anyone trying to grow or maintain a group at least get their group a page on A/N as well as facebook even if not paying for one is going to know the group exists if it is not on the internet in some sort of social media group.

Houston has the largest Atheist Community in the world.  We have over 1200 members and it is free to join.  We have a very full social calendar with events all over the city.  If you live in or around the Houston area come join us.  You can find us on

Have you checked on Meetup?




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