There's a Dallas/Plano (or is it Plano/Dallas) group that meets all the time.
And a tiny band of folks in Frisco that meets monthly.

What other towns are keeping things sociable?

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I'd love to help start one up also! Any idea how many of us there are around here?
I'm sure there's more than we think. There's 9 people on the waiting list for an atheist meetup on There's also alot of people that aren't familiar with so once there's a group started we can put it on craigslist or the Odessa American to get the word out.
I think I may be one of the ones waiting for meetup...I know I have it on watch. How many do they need?
They don't need a certain amount, anyone can start one at anytime but there's a $20.00 monthly fee to have a meetup. BUT you can ask the members to chip in a few dollars a month and get the money that way. Even if there's only 4 people that chip in, it makes only $5/person. I think that's a better way than one person paying the whole fee. I might start one next week when I get paid (lol).
Great! Let me know...I'm in!
Count me in too. There are 11 waiting on Meetup now.
well, i'm new here, not on this thing called meetup, already have enough sites to keep track of, i also realize this was posted a long ass time ago...anyways, has anything happened on this yet? i'm in midland, and have been looking for a group of heathens to meet up with. thanks.
The group is up & running. We've had several meetups already and another scheduled for this Saturday. You can find the official group site at .
*Raises hand*

I'd be interested. Like-minded individuals are hard to come by out here in the West Country. I'm in Odessa, and we're a rare breed out here.
Hey Patrick, just wanted to let you know that there's a Freethinker meetup group going on You can become a member for free, and I know Phillip and Vanessa are on there too. It's called the Freethinkers Society of the Permian Basin. When you look for it make sure you set it to look within 100 miles of Odessa (The person who started it lives in Big Spring) or else it won't show up. Just thought I's let you know in case you are interested in joining!
I'm in the same group as TwinDNA's, our group in the Odessa/Midland/Big Spring area is growing steadily. But John does make a good point. There is very little need to spend a lot of money on it unless you have tons of members.
Austin has a group online, at least. I'll be moving there this summer, so will have a chance to find out just how active they actually are.




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