Who the hell appointed (annointed?) Rick Perry "Right-Reverend of Texas?"

I'd like to write a witty post about Gov. Rick Perry's planned prayer-fest in Houston on August 6, but at the moment I'm too overcome with disgust to be glib.  So just the basic info for now, fellow Texans.  Of course there is a protest in the works, info on Facebook here.

In addition to the protest, the Texas Freedom Network (TFN) is gathering signatures for a petition here, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent this letter to the right-reverend Perry.  Perry probably won't back down, he seldom does. Maybe this is the issue that will draw enough fire to burn his political career.

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Zombie jesus, I can't stand Rick Perry.  I have always disliked him, but when he said the oil spill was an act of god, I really dialed it up.  I would hope that this issue would draw fire against him, but I fear it will only cause him to gain support.
Yeah, keeping up with the bullshit this idiot spouts is a freakin' full time job. I'm seeing a lot of negative press on this though.  If the outrage doesn't die off it may actually do some damage to his presidential dream....which is my nightmare.

His damage has gone from the expected to over the top.  It caused me to send money to the Texas Democratic Party, and to volunteer, so I guess it's not all bad.  Check out some of the plans the Democratic Majority (!!??) has for the future.  He seems to have galvanized Texas liberals, another good thing.  I'm ready to go door to door.  I've started hitting up every young person I run into about registering to vote, and voting.  Not all of them will be more liberal than the average Texan, but they are more likely to be.  Wait staff must hate to see me coming, but it's my standard advice along with the words, Here's a tip to go with your tip.


Same here, but I've got more time than money so that's what I invest.  I signed up with the local MoveOn council and I monitor the news for stuff like this so I can get involved early.  I have no intention of sitting idly by while sociopaths like Perry target our rights for personal gain.

  Let us do some real damage to Perry. Let us point out to all that the gov. of Texas, power and influence wise, of all 50 states, is ranked 49th out of 50.


Forty ninth out of 50.

Been that way after reconstruction ended after the Civil War.

All the real power lies in the hands of the Lt. Gov of Texas.

Why do you think George Bush was a good Gov of Texas?!

He couldn't do anything because he wasn't able.

See what happend when he got into the White House?

And we're still paying for it and will be for years to come.


Interesting. I've heard that before, that the Lt. Governor is more powerful than the Governor (in Texas). Where can I get more info on that, just out of curiosity?
Wanda, it works out that way because the Lt. Governor is the points man in the legislature.  The governor is pretty much a figure head.  But the Texas legislature is mostly composed of right wingnut loonies.  Whenever a bill comes along that smacks of nannyism, Perry vetoes it as he did the lifesaving no-texting-while-driving bill recently.  Perry: "Another example of government micromanagement."  Maybe so, but hundreds if not thousands are killed annually by people taking their eyes off the road for lengthy periods in order to tell the illegal maid to make the kids sandwiches when they come home from school.

I'm not a big fan of the "nannyism" myself, but I'm also definitely not a fan of Perry.


But regarding the no texting while driving bill, how on earth would you enforce that? I think it's entirely necessary to inform people about the dangers in any way we can (it really is incredibly dangerous!), but I just don't see how it could really be enforced if it's made illegal, so it's kind of a useless bill. IMHO. It's one thing if someone gets in an accident because they were texting, but how do you prove it? Can cops really tell if someone is texting while driving, and pulls them over? Unless they're holding their phone up really high, you're not going to be able to tell for sure that's what they're doing. And people can always just deny they were doing it. So if it's unenforceable, there's no need to put another law on the books. Just educate people about safety, which they are already doing some (like on the electronic signs).

YES!  It is true that in Texas the Governor is practically just a figure head because most of the other positions have more decision making power.  I never understood why this fact was not pointed out during the baby-bush v gore elections.  I knew that the Texas governor was 49th in power, but I did not know it was only out of 50!


During Texas government courses I attended in college (at the time baby-bush was still governor) I was made aware of this fact.  I never forgot it because it is "unusual" compared to how most other states have implemented their governance hierarchy.  From what I recall from my professor, Texas set things up this way as a means to enforce checks and balances, and to avoid a king-like position in government.


Thanks for getting the facts out.

I knew that the Texas governor was 49th in power, but I did not know it was only out of 50!
Um, there are only 50 states. Lol. Just playin'! ;)

I Perry just appointed himself. 


Unfortunately, I don't think it will hurt his image too much, this is Texas. But I am hoping that maybe Texas conservative voters will not like their governor telling them what to pray about or how to pray. I just want someone else to be governor. 

I am sorry, Jimmy, Texas is so Booble Belt most of its citizens actually believe Perry is talking to "God."  I just wish he'd ask him if Casey Anthony is really guilty.




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