You don't go to church and you are the reason why Jesus have not blessed you.

Earlier today an individual that I was working with, however, different employers asked me what church I attended.  I said, I don't go to church.  Her exact words were:


Since you don't attend church is the very reason why you have not received any blessings from jesus or G'd.


I said:


Since you attend church and read all of the religious shit, I see that your G'd or Jesus has not blessed you with the so-called $32.00 per hour job that you were supposedly making before your lay-off three years ago and yet you sit on your largess refusing to look for work.


So where are your blessings Toots?

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About an hour later she started cussing me out in front of the customers of a grocery store.  I told her to watch her mouth and she said why.  I reminded her that I am from Colorado and I have two CCW licenses.  One from Colorado and the other from Texas.

Hint, hint

This idiot has some serious issues.

Cool - a concealed carry license - good for you. I've wanted to do that myself after experiencing several scary situations.
Wow! You work with some real weird people. Religious bigots I call them. Sorry to hear you have to experience that kind of work environment.

I don't know what it is that causes xtians to target me.  I just want to be left alone and away from that xtian crap.

I love that you used "toots." 

I don't get people being holier than thou. There was always the whole "humble yourself" motif when I was growing up. Of course, now, it's even more absurd. ...And so is she. :/




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