We have a strange family which differ in response to coffee.

My daughter thrives on coffee, as all through university, in both degrees she picked up, the other students always remember her as the girl entering the lecture theatre with coffee in hand.

One girl at her first graduation stated jokingly that she didn't recognise our daughter without the coffee in hand.

Yet, my daughter's blood pressure does not alter with the introduction of coffee, as possibly her body has become immune to the effects of caffeine. 

My body sometimes reacts to coffee, in a slight elevation of BP, but my BP has always been high, since my 20s where I failed the army medical with it.

Yet my wife, who nearly always has a BP on the lower end of the scale 105 to 115 over 55 to 65. 

Yet, within half an hour of consuming an average strength coffee, her BP rises to 155 over 95 which is alarmingly high.

This may be due to how she was never really a coffee drinker until the last few years of her life, so her body has not become accustomed to caffeine.

Coffee keeps my wife awake if she has it too late in the evening, whereas myself, our son and daughter can all sleep soundly after a coffee.

I actually have a coffee some nights to help me sleep.

Though I was once diagnosed as having ADHD, so maybe it is a standard reaction of ADHD to stimulants.

As speed (a barbiturate) which is used to keep drivers awake also makes me sleepy.

Extra information: My wife is very fine boned with little fat, weighing only 47kg.

So it could be related to her BMI.

Any ideas on what may be causing the high BP with my wife after her coffee?


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To answer your question, I haven't a clue. Your family "history" on the subject, however, is interesting. I drink about 2 cups of coffee a day--breakfast, lunch, and 2 hours after supper (with dessert). I, too, have always had high BP (and take lisinopril). Don't know if there's a correlation. I do know I get headaches without the caffeine.

Thanks Randall, the poison I'm on is "Coversyl", which is a cocktail of Perindopril Arganine and Indapamide Hemihydrate.  So it has an ACE inhibitor and a diuretic component.

Though here is and excerpt from: http://archive.news.softpedia.com/news/Top-14-Coffee-Effects-on-You... 

" The caffeine eases withdrawal symptoms accumulating overnight, but does not make people more alert. Only people who do not regularly drink coffee will get a 'push-up' from caffeine, while the British Coffee Association insists that regular drinkers do feel more alert. "

So it could be simply that my wife's body has not developed a resistance to caffeine.

Caffeine is hard on your blood pressure. But it is also a proven fact that coffee is good for your liver so it is beneficial in some areas.

Very interesting Jessica:

Some people have brains that don't seem to function properly without a caffeine hit, like my own.  

Typical Scenario:

{ Damn what is the problem with this printer, been at it for hours and cannot solve it.

After Coffee Break:

Wow, that is the problem, SOLVED, within five minutes after my break, I really needed that coffee!}

Though, rationally, this is not proof that coffee works, as could be that I had tied my brain in knots by trying too hard to solve it in the first place and simply needed to take a look back or a rest to untangle my mind.

Though the coffee seems to help, so why not exalt it to a status of Saviour.

At least I didn't pray and claim a supernatural entity solved the problem in answer to that prayer.


Works for me Patricia.

Though I was once diagnosed as having ADHD and stimulants often slow me down.

It was fun getting pulled up by the police for having amphetamines on my saliva, and then showing them the prescription and labelled bottle for benzamphetamine.

They usually have a sullen, disappointed look on their faces.

Damn, another druggie with a valid excuse.

I take about 15 pills these days (additives)  and 2 enzymes for this big stomach. The other day I took my blood pressure and was surprised to find it 123 over 68. I have a good Omron machine so was amazed.

Two days ago at Whalefart I found their new state of the art machine and tried it. I could barely get my arm inside the cuff and it read 128 over 93. It said that was OK for my age but my BMI was off the chart and it never did give me my weight. (Last I checked it was 250.)  Then this clown machine wants to get me involved in other health stuff, make mine public or not, and do other crap I don't like.

It's like going into a bar and ordering a $5 drink while they do their best to sell you one for $250.




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