Although I have always been an atheist, the culture is new to me. What should I be reading? What are the best books on bible contradictions or counter-arguements?

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It's not a book, but the website Skeptic's Annotated Bible is EXCELLENT for dealing in all the foibles of not only the bible, but the book of mor(m)on and the quran as well.  I recommend it highly!

As to books, there are no end of really terrific books about atheism, including:

  • god Is Not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything, by Christopher Hitchens
  • The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins
  • The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation, by Sam Harris
  • Deconverted, by Seth Andrews (better known as the host of "The Thinking Atheist" website

I could go on for pages, but that'll get you started!  While I'm at it, welcome to the gang!

Of these listed, IMO the Hitchens is the best.  The idea that mankind is still in adolescent stages in its evolution is spot on.  

I’m, of course, going to recommend my book of Pot Stories and Atheist Essays.  “Ten Reasons Not to Believe” and a “Compilation of Biblical Quotes” by Barbara Walker, famous women’s lib writer.  Just click on the pot plant to the right.  





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