My new book Tending the Epicurean Garden is now live on amazon. I am very thrilled that, after the many months of hard work that went into the book, I'm finally able to take others on this adventure with me to discover Epicureanism on its own terms.

There are sources on Epicureanism, but many are indirect and some are hostile. It's important for us in the Epicurean movement that there exist Epicurean sources for our tradition that explain it on our own terms.

Another reason why this book is extremely important is that there is a huge body of interdisciplinary research that vindicates the teachings of Epicurus, which calls for an update to how they're presented. This includes not just research by social scientists but also in fields as varied as diet and neuroplasticity.

Epicureanism is not a fossilized, archaic Greek philosophical school but a cosmopolitan, contemporary, scientific wisdom tradition that is alive and changing as new information becomes available on the science of happiness and wellbeing.

I hope you find as much pleasure in reading the book as I found in writing it!

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Good luck, Hiram.  You certainly have an important and appropriate mentor.  Just as the emperors of the Pax Romana were epicureans, we could use a Pax Americana brought on my epicurean presidents.  I thought it might happen with the end of the cold war after 50 years—much overdue.  Only trouble is we don't have enough epicurean leaders.  




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