When I lived in Denver I was always bombarded by xtians on the 20 bus line.  One morning I saw this old deuce and a quarter drive by and turn the corner.  The guy sitting next to me on the bus said, I'll bet you $20.00 that those are evangelizing xtians.  I said, I already know who they are and I ain't betting you today.  He laughed.

The next day the same car came by and this time I was alone.  By that time, the bus came early.  The idiot said, I missed you this time, but I will get you soon.  I said, keep talking.

I got on the bus and went to work.

Two weeks later, that car came buy and my "friend" said, oh, hear they come.  Sure enough, this heavy set woman (weighing over three hundred pounds) pulled her bible out and said, we are going to discuss Jesus.  She tried to open her bible and the guy sitting next to me said, no let me pull out my bible.  She said sure, no problemo.

She did not see that the bible that the man pulled out was the Satanic Bible and he said, let's quote scripture sister.

I never seen anyone that large run so fast in my entire life.  Her butt cheeks was clapping and flapping up and down.

We laughed so hard that we missed two buses.

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