In 2006 I was only able to briefly visit Randi in Las Vegas during his TAM event. I had been on the Pacific Crest Trail and didn't really know about TAM. Right after seeing the Penn & Teller show I had to leave. I had no control over my transportation at the time and missed the event. What I did see of it got me excited. A bunch of non-deists in one place. If I were so inclined I'd say you could "feel" the energy. Rational minded people of all shapes and sizes smiling and talking shop.

I would really like to attend TAM 9 this coming July. I'll make an appeal to Randi but I don't expect any favors. Transportation, food and lodging isn't cheap. I'm still working on it!

Have you been to a TAM meeting? Do you want to go to one? Like to share expenses? Are you filthy rich and want to sponsor me?

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