Given the rise of Christian Rock and the growing number of Atheists and non-religious is it likely that Atheist Rock will become a music genre? What would it take to match the success of Christian music?

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Well I don't know how popular Christian really is. I mean, I don't avoid it - and I don't hear it. It's simply not on the most popular radio stations.
Also the reason the genre 'Christian rock' exists is because it has a message which is certainly not universally accepted. (For example, I would never buy a christian rock CD even if the musicians were talented.) It's not necessarily because Christian rock is so popular.

As for atheist rock.
Although it's a new concept (at least to me) it's a very old idea to make fun of or criticize religion in music.
Rolling Stones to Slayer - at least the last 40 years or so there has been atheist rock musicians, and therefore - atheist rock!
I admit it isn't an original idea. And I'm pretty sure atheists are too diverse for "Atheist Rock" to be practical. "Christian Rock" is definitely around. There are only a few crossover bands that get played on mainstream stations but that doesn't matter. They have their own labels, distribution, and stations. Here in Augusta, ME I can find 3 stations on the dial that are either devoted entirely to Christian Music or are a mix of Conservative & Christian News and Talk shows that also air "Christian" music. To give credit where credit is due, they do have some talented musicians. Message is still crap but it sounds good.
being how i only listen to metal.. i'l give my two cents on metal and skip "rock"

I know of a few Christian metal bands and i know they tour with other metal bands. But you know how metal is.. its all basickly athiest metal, but no one calls it that. Makes me wonder if the other bands give Christian metal bands a hard time. I hope they do :) As for atheist rock being popular music genre.. i think its unlikely, the idea of God is so woven into society that i can't really see it happening
I'm partial to Bad Religion
The quality of music in the Chistian Rock genre is a couple of rungs below Muzac. It is just that as consumers, Christians seem to be the biggest suckers out there. Put a fish sticker on a hammer and you can sell it to a Christian for twice the price!

Atheist music as a genre might be tough... As an atheist song writer, I just don't have much to say. "thesists are superstitious and I like logic."
I can't completely agree. I think the messages are terrible but there are a number of fairly talented Christian Rock groups. They do seem to be learning and getting better.

DC Talk is a good example. They are good musicians. They just happen to be very narrow minded bigoted assholes.
Probably true. I honestly don't ever hear it unless I'm in a Christian doctors office or something
I love the Southpark episode where Cartman starts a Christian rock band and just replaces the names mentioned in standard rock songs with "Jesus, God or Lord."

I think atheists are much more broad in their musical tastes. An example is fundy Christians take to listening to christian music only regardless of how good or bad the music is. Atheists however wouldn't take to just listening to Atheist rock, we are a lot more diverse.

I actually like some songs that are apparently from "christian rock" groups. I guess either the religious message isn't very clear or i just choose to not hear it. Or I just plain don't care.. ya that one's most likely...

There was a great concert by Negativland.  Check out the first 2 parts:

I don't know where to find the rest of the concert, but I heard the whole thing on my local community radio station.  It was awesome!

Lot's more audience appreciation would be a start.


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