I was browsing through a topic which discussed Prince, The Beatles and Funkadelic's backmasking and whatnot, and it made me think of this 1999 track from one of my favourite electronic artists, and one of the most awesomely arrogant beings, Aphex Twin.

He basically created a piece which when put through a spectrograph, you'd get a picture of his face in the resulting spectrogram:

Aphex Twin


(and yes, that formula is the track name)

And here's his most commercially-'pop' track he released that same year:

Aphex Twin

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Hah! I still have that Wired article bookmarked from back in 2002.

I find it really interesting how some UK electronic artists started to add "edges" to their sound around the same time as each other. Aphex Twin's work was already growing increasingly complex (clearly enough to produce image on spectograph) in the 90's; meanwhile Tricky, for example, followed Maxinquaye, which is one of his ABSOLUTE best works, with a new and heavier recording (not sure of the name right now). And just like Tricky, Aphex Twin used cross-gender imagery to screw with immediate perception of their albums (Tricky apparently cross-dressed for a cover).

Nice post, and that spectograph is a bit creepy.
That first idea is really cool. Don't care for Windowlicker, though. Plus that pic is just creepy.




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