The cohabi-tater and I have very different tastes in music. However, Jonathan Coulton is one artist we agree upon. We both love his music.

Someone in the Psychology group just posted something to the effect of psychology being overestimated, which made me think of Jo Co's song, "Tom Cruise Crazy".

One of the many fun things about Jonathan Coulton fandom is well... the fans.

A rabid devoted fanbase is probably responsible for JoCo's rise in popularity... and it's all by word-of-mouth and YouTube video.

O.K.... not just word-of-mouth and YouTube. Sometimes it's via the New York Times, Popular Science, and The Daily Show.

From Wikipedia: "Most of his songs are on his website as MP3 and FLAC downloads. Many of them are free, and none of them are subject to digital rights management. All of his original songs fall under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 3.0 License."

Where to start? I'd have a hard time picking a favorite. He lists some favorites .

Here's a list of mine, which is in no way complete, nor does being mentioned earlier on imply that a song is more or less one of my favorites.

Oops. I'll get back to this later. Gotta run!

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It's rather folksy, but he's certainly very talented. That was a funny song, and I can't believe someone spent all that time animating that video in such detail like that. It must have taken a long time to do that.
I take it you aren't a folk fan? He does a variety of music.
Not normally.
I am not passionate about music as much as I used to be however Coulton is everything I like about a lot of music, it is a lot of fun. Plus he gets it about copyright, second best reason ever to like an artist.

There's a guy who does World of Warcraft video's using mostly Coulton music, and some other Creative Commons Licensed music.

Here is my Coulton fix

My favorite though is Skullcrusher mountain.

' />

"Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?"

Aaaah... true love.

Somehow I thought you might be a JoCo fan, JayBarti. He's going to be in MA toward the end of September. Haven't decided on the Boston or Northampton show.
Jo Co listening suggestions: The JoCo Primer.

"Code Monkey" - For the lovelorn coder.
"Re: Your Brains" - Ever worked in an office with someone who is an asshole? This kicks it up a notch.
"Skullcrusher Mountain" - Not the most dysfunctional love song I've ever heard, but... o.k., maybe it is.
"Baby Got Back" - I love the original, as I am a fan of the human posterior. This version is very wrong, and funny in its wrongness.

I'm off to see JoCo in concert soon. I'll report back, and make more listening suggestions.
Happy First of May, JoCo fans!

I also love the ukelele. Maybe we should start a discussion about our Uke love.




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