Lhasa has been one of my favorite singers for years. Her voice haunts me like few others can, like Billie Holiday or Janis Joplin. She's a traveller (growing up in a bus for your seven first years has to leave a mark on you!) and it feels in her songs. She sings in English, Spanish, French, Russian, and a few other languages as well.

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Fan site

Lhasa on YouTube:

Con Toda Palabra

My Name
La Marée Haute
Pa'llegar a tu lado

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I really, really like "Con Toda Palabra" a lot. Not so wild about the others though. Thanks for posting. I've never heard of her.
Then you should listen to her first album (La Llorona) first - even though Con Toda Palabra is on the second one (The Living Road).
I just learned that Lhasa passed away in Montreal, aged 37, on the first day of the year.

Lhasa was one of my top favorite singers. I'm devastated.

Terrible. And so young.




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