Which ones do you still use? Which do you like and dislike?

I like records. I've inherited some from my parents, the same ones I listened to as a kid, and they are priceless to me. I've also liked picking up records at flea markets. My brother gets new albums on new vinyl, but somehow that's not the same.

I am a die-hard fan of cassettes. Lots of people have made fun of me for this but those things are damn durable. I have a used car with a tape player so I got out all the tapes I hadn't listened to in a long time. They have been through years and years of abuse, and most of them still work. Also, if they don't work they can be repaired with household items like screwdrivers, scotch tape, etc.

I hate CDs. I remember when they were invented and I said they're just glorified records. Except records don't skip as much and if they do skip, you can put a dime on the needle (though that will make it wear down quicker). CDs were the first thing to never wear out, but they're so touchy and they skip at the drop of a hat. My favorite thing is when you put a disc in and it says "no disc", like a kid that says "since there is no one there, I won't respond!"

MP3s are fine, I have them on computer but don't have a portable player (I'm unemployed), eventually I'll get one and ideally I can play them and cassettes in my car, and MP3s and records at home, and hopefully never have to deal with CDs again.

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I fucking hate cassettes. I've lost far too much music over the years due to damaged tapes. At least with CDs and mp3s, I have a chance at making an inexpensive backup and not having to re-purchase whole albums. Records are cool for nostalgia, but not much else. With my song collection being just over 18,000 strong, I'll stick to my iPod classic with everything loaded up and put on shuffle. No hassle fumbling with tapes or CDs in the car... you just can't go wrong.
I thoroughly enjoy illegal downloads. :)
Here is my medium for enjoying music:

It includes a Luxman PD 444 turntable with Fidelity Research tonearm and Ortofon MC20 cart, B&O 9000 cassette player and Mark Levinson No. 39 CD player. It may not be the ultimate playback mechanism, but it does considerable justice to all three formats. I have frequently found it to be a most satisfying means to get utterly, absolutely, completely LOST in the music.

Then, too, six times a year, I get to go HERE:

and enjoy the truly amazing work of the Cleveland Orchestra.


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