I know its a misquote, but music does soothe the savage beast. I'm usually very happy and a "live and let live" type of guy, but sometimes when I don't get enough sleep (i.e. when I stumble across a website like this that keeps me up all night and I'm running on three hours of sleep) I get a bit short tempered. When that happens I have two options. I can either put on some music to calm down, or I can put on some music to keep my anger raging.

To soothe the savage beast within, I'll put on some Radiohead and just relax to it- usually anything off of Karma Police, especially Exit Music (For a Film). When I occasionally want to keep the rage building, I'll crank up any Pantera album. This being said, what do you listen to to calm down, and what do you listen to to keep the adrenaline pumping through your veins?

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To calm down: Lustmord, Sleep Chamber, or other isolationist music; sometimes Sade, or the Carpenters, or something along that vein. To keep the adrenaline pumping: Electric Hellfire Club, Korn, Marilyn Manson, and also some flamenco at times, or NOLA style jazz.

I agree, I tend to have a very emotional response to music.
To Calm Down: The Sleeping Years, Keane, The Oaks
For Adrenaline: The Shackeltons, The White Stripes, AFI, The Offspring, Tiger Army
I had forgotten about The Offspring!!! I need to add that back into my roration!!!

I'm going to have to add to this that my favorite feel good music is the soundtrack to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That CD always puts me in a great mood for some reason.




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