The likes of Stevie, Bowie and Prince are constantly praised for their multifaceted involvement in or sole responsibility for the creation of their music - from writing, arranging, to production, instrumentation and even engineering. But we hardly hear about their equally talented female counterparts.

A marketing-chummy image has been much more crucial to a female artist's pop success over the decades (and even more so today for any gender). Apart from the odd emotionally-creative vocalists like Minnie Riperton or Karen Carpenter, I don't have the same level of respect for those singers who are perhaps lauded as vocal virtuosos but don't contribute as much to the overall creative process in their music, with only their name on the cover and not those who were more instrumental in the creation of the album.

I thought we could have an appreciation thread for these underrated ladies; here are several favourites from past and present:

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My personal favorite:

They were some of the earlier women in rock and they gave it their own style without being sex kittens and without simply imitating men--they really showed that women can rock!

Even though there are still fewer women in rock than men, every time I see bands with females I think it becomes less of a big deal, and more of people being judged by their actual music than just the "novelty" factor.
Now if only women would be judged for their music, and not their looks.



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