For about the past 8 months, or so, I have been having an ongoing argument with some schmucks on You Tube over Homoeopathic placebos. This is an important issue to me for many reasons, not just the obvious opposition to pseudo-science, but because the belief in homoeopathic bullshit almost killed a friend of mine. When some one has a real medical problem, say internal infection from an operation, and relies on homoeopathy to cure them, they risk death.
As homoeopathic remedies contain no active ingredient, in to them self they are harmless. For hypochondriacs, homoeopathic medicine works, and doctors use to be able to proscribe them for patients with out their knowledge, thus curing the hypochondriac of their imagined problem. But no doctor would prescribe a placebo for a real problem on purpose. Homoeopathic "doctors", on the other hand, do.

I have started a campaign on You Tube against homoeopathy. I've been copy/paste 'ing this - Real medicines cure deadly infections, polio, influenza and more. Scientifically discovered medicines prevent millions from getting malaria and allow millions of people with HIV/Aids to live far longer than they would without. If you homoeopath believers trust homoeopathic placebos so much, then eat some rotting food and see if your homoeopathic potions do any thing. I dare you, and bet you end up rushing to the hospital for REAL medicine!

Is this a bad idea? If so, why?

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