I would really like to hear some comments about the statements below. A little background first - these words were written by Christopher H. Tucker in a comment at Pharyngula and has been turned into a mini-poster by the CyberGuy. (Link here. It struck a chord with me and I would like input from others. Here you go:

This I Believe.

I am an atheist. I do not believe in any supernatural deities.

I believe in Science, not the death cult superstitions of bronze age nomadic tribes in the Middle East.

I believe in Logic and Reason, and not in vengeful gods that demand unthinking worship.

My "Bible" is the 'CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics' and 'Mark's Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers'. My "Concordance" is 'The Pocket Ref, 3rd Edition'.

The symbol of my "faith" is not an ancient torture device, it's a slide rule. The simple three part device that helped build the Brooklyn Bridge, Hoover Dam and the Empire State Building, as well as sending humans to the Moon and returning them to Earth.

Algebra and Calculus are my "liturgy", and Physics is the celebration of all that exists, from the smallest subatomic particle yet to be discovered, to the Universe as a whole.

The "Saints" of my faith are legion. Galileo and Einstein, Sagan and Asimov, Eratosthenes and Fermi, Hawking and Feynman, Dawkins and Darwin, Jefferson and Franklin and Paine, and countless others who have sought and still seek to expand the knowledge of how the Universe works, for the betterment of all, to free the minds of humanity from the shackles of superstition and ignorance, and, finally & simply, "To Know."

I worship no god, nor bend the knee to anyone, man or god.

And yet, despite my lack of fawning obeisance to the judeo/christian/islamic deity, I do not rape nor rob nor murder my fellow man or woman. I do not defraud them nor seek to enslave their bodies or their minds. I do not turn my face from them if their beliefs differ from mine, nor do I condemn them if they choose to love someone of the same sex or of a
different "race".

My friends include the gay and the straight, the atheist and the deeply faithful, Caucasian, African and Asian.

I help the less fortunate in this world as best I can, and do not seek to convert them to my way of thought by my actions. I help merely to ease their suffering.

I choose to stand in the Light of Knowledge and Reason.

I oppose the Darkness that is ignorance and superstition.

And I KNOW that, in the end, it IS Knowledge and Reason that will triumph over ignorance and superstition, and triumph over those who would use ignorance and superstition for their own evil and ego-driven ends.

THIS I believe…

© Copyright 2008, Christopher H. Tucker.

Used with permission

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have faith in what is repeatable.

Uh, amen? :-)
Ramen, dude, Ramen!

If someone needs the bible to have morals, such as not killing your neighbor, lets just say I'm glad I'm not their neighbor.

You can count me in on that sentiment...
My own experiences with religious people have led me to believe that they are considerable less moral than the atheists I know. I have 2 older sisters who are devout churchgoers and one belongs to an infamous cult. I can't trust either of them to tell me the truth or do anything honest.
The older one stole more than $50,000 from my mother and I had to threaten a lawsuit to get it back. The other one is a typical creationist liar. I have explained the reasons why she is wrong on every creationist point many times. That hasn't stopped her from passing on the BS to everyone she meets. She never bothers to check anything I tell her to see if I could be right.
She had a dispute with the family next door to her. She was planning on lying in court to get what she wanted. She thought nothing was wrong with it because she is religious and god is on her side.
Inspiring and dead on. Just add Nerd's "Faith in what is repeatable".
"I help the less fortunate in this world as best I can, and do not seek to convert them to my way of thought by my actions. I help merely to ease their suffering."

In part, I agree, but, in part, I look at it differently. I know that if we are to survive, we must work together. If anyone or any group doesn't know this then I will supply the information for them to understand it. So, yes, I will try to convert them, but I think that it is important that they come to such a conclusion on their own. I don't want them to agree with me because I said it. That would defeat it's purpose. For this reason, I seek to convert religious people. My method with this issue is to lead by example. They have been taught by their doctrine, their leaders and the media that they should be religious so that they can be a good person. By exposing myself as an atheist and interacting with them in a public situation, they will understand the reality of it and eventually realize that they don't need religion to be good. So, yes, I am actively trying to expose them to reality. In other words, I think that it is imperative for all of us to become conspicuous in public towards this end. I think that anyone trying to convince a believer that there isn't a god is pure folly and dangerous.
"I believe in Science, not the death cult superstitions of bronze age nomadic tribes in the Middle East."

I don't believe in science. I know that the scientific method works. I trust much that is said in science, but I know that we are all fallible.
Here is another point that I think that is very important. I think that it is pure folly to try to understand something that is beyond our understanding. We have far too much information to sort and to understand. We don't need to jump ahead with ideas that don't have any basis in our current human awareness. Only through more and more understanding will we ever reach a higher level of awareness.




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