On my YouTube channel, I am beginning a series of videos exploring the hypothesis that the visions, hyper-religiosity, dramatic religious conversion, and perhaps even hypo-sexuality, of the Apostle Paul were due to temporal lobe epilepsy.


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This is not a new idea...is it? Seems like I've encountered it before but can't recall much more. So it's good that you're exploring it. Keep me looped in. I will "subscribe" to your YouTube stream.

 I have TLE, and I'm one of the least religious people I know. I despise religion. I've never seen a religious vision in my life. I have my doubts about anything which validates the existence of apostles. There isn't any documentation of any of the apostles outside of the bible, which is hardly considered valid "documentation". This myth of the "divine disorder" is complete hogwash. 

Epileptics are mistreated by religion, just like homosexuals. Maybe you should reconsider stereotyping epileptics as hyper-religious.




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