I spend weekdays at health school and work most weekends. Work is in elderly care. This last weekend was at a dementia unit.
24 people to care for. Around 14 nappies to change per night shift. Old people, just skin and bone, but producing suprising amounts of urine and excrement. Just skin and bone, but still able to hit, scratch and scream. "Mum! Mum! Come and help me!" 89 years old and screaming for her mother. Mother was probably the last person to change her dirty nappies. Now we do it. We do.
Does God think we need the challenge, that it enobles us, the way he had Job's family and servants murdered and raped to prove that Job was noble and true? Many have to suffer for our nobility.
Has God moved Purgatory to Earth, so suffering here shortens the trip to heaven? I'll take a quick, painless and final death any day.
Has God deserted us for our impiety? I've known many of these people for years, before dementia struck, and many were regular churchgoers.
Is God dead? Did He die at the controls of creation, so it is now like a runaway train with the throttle full open, heading for the canyon?
Or is God hiding? So embarressed over the balls-up he made of the universe that he can't summon up the courage to come and say "sorry".

No! There are no excuses. "God moves in mysterious ways. Who are we to question God? It's Satan and/or Man that is responsible for evil." What feeble ideas!

The empirical science I learn at school fits what I experience at work. Postulates of a God do not. Those who work with the afflicted and the dying and still retain a belief in some form of Deity do so as a psychological defence. "There must be a God, otherwise all this suffering would be unfair" Wishful thinking!

No, believers; in all these years of seeing good and bad people decay and die, change personality at their brains fail faster than the rest of their bodies, suffer torments no-one would wish for their worst enemies and strain the love of their no-longer-recognized loving families beyond all reasonable limits, in all these years I have never seen the least sign of your God.
He isn't there.
He never was.
He never will be.
Wishing will never make Him real.

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