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My, that was... delusional. Still, it was fairly labeled as "opinion," which is what it was. But it was chock-full of examples of the type of whiny, baseless behavior the author ascribes to atheists. And think of all the collective time was saved by not having a way to comment on the article. If it were a random letter to the editor or internet post, I wouldn't give it a second thought. That it was, in fact, published by a former "major newspaper" is simply another nail in the coffin for that particular form of media.

Bye-bye, newspapers. Thanks for all the gray fingers. Say hi to the eight track tape for me...
hahahaha. right on!
I agree with the author -- atheists can be boring sometimes. Some go on and on about how awful the behavior of christians is and I just have to block my ears! Man those boring atheists! Unfortunately, the atheists reaction to this article will be more of the same boring stuff. Sorry Ms Allen.

What would be interesting is to have an article that criticized atheists written by an atheist. Now that I would read!
She's trying to sell her pitiful book about Jesus. If she can get any of the four horsemen to respond to her trite insults, that has to be good for sales. I would like to read her book to see if she can write, but only if I can find it in my library. I was interested in her one line about believers struggling with their faith out on the fringes of reason or something like that. A cross between trying to sound sincere/profound and acknowledging she's not really sure why she believes the crap she believes either. Any woman who believes this garbage, after being treated like shit themselves by religion for the past four thousand plus years,really baffles me. She is either seriously messed up or just trying to make a buck and possibly a lot of both. Look on the "bright" side. She knows who the serious atheist players are and feels the need to take cheap shots at them. She's hoping to develop some "street cred." Any of us ever heard of this bimbo before this op/ed hit piece? There's a reason for that. She's a nobody who wants to be a somebody. Praise Jesus!
How could something not exist and we assume it to be evil at the same time? Why can't people publish a decent op-ed piece without attacking their opposition ad absurdum? I don't know about you guys, but I welcome a challenging, thought provoking counter-point to what I think or believe but when people publish trash like this I further lose my faith in humanity (of which I have little left)
i think instead of responding to her, it'd actually be worth while to explain to the newspapers that if they keep printing garbage, thats all that their papers will be headed for. they're already in enough trouble as it is, maybe they're not worried about since we're the "minority."
Going along with what ted said earlier, there's not really a point in bothering. Newspapers are a nearly dead form of media.
Oh, dear, another rant from a citizen of the United Christian States of America. In LA too, not the dreaded Bible Belt.

I echo this comment from Ted Delorme: "Bye-bye, newspapers. Thanks for all the gray fingers."
Smelly Smudgy "stinkrags. The smell of them makes me want to puke. There are my worst phobia. THe scientific name for that phobia is Papyraphobia. I means ALL paper. It is only newspaper that affects me. Anyhow their content is as believeable as the bible, I guess even though I have never read them.




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