Media and religious circles are all too eager to portray us brights as smug, militant atheists; fundamentalists with a pretentious name that implies all others are in some way dim or unintelligent.

It is only by challenging these views, wherever they occur, that we shall raise the consciences of journalists and readers to the rampant and often violent prejudice that faces non-believers throughout the world.

I for one would be happy to contribute to any comments page, petition, blog or website that shows itself to be antagonistic, naive or ignorant of the nature of the brights movement; and I hope others will too.

Just include the link and I'll be there.

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To kick off, Charles Moore, The Telegraph: -

"There is now a strong secularist agenda working its way through our public authorities. There is a even a group of militant secularists, preposterously called "Brights", who want to drive religion out of the public sphere."

Thanks to Brights UK for this link.
You would probably be wasting electrons on an email to Charles Moore. A quick review of his recent work, preposterously called "journalism," reveals a personal agenda that mixes theocracy with stupidity and bigotry in fairly even measures.

His anti-Bright crack was probably just a sour grapes remark (rather an unchristian comment, don't you think, Charles?) since Moore had just had the intellectual snot kicked out of him in a debate with Richard Dawkins:

Perhaps there is some need to put this worm on notice that insulting Brights for not being conned into the Superstitious mind set has been noted and better not be repeated. Giving far more benefit of the doubt than he deserves, we might correct his weird recasting of our world view. We could write to the paper but reviewing what they have published, indicates a self-serving echo chamber rather than a location for reasoned debate.

> Your letters to the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and Letters should be sent to (Daily Telegraph) or (Sunday Telegraph). Please include name, address, and work and home telephone numbers.

I'll write - but it looks as promising as politely requesting the KKK ease off the racism.




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