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I love the advertisement saying "we're never wrong!"
Let us see exactly how wrong they are and maybe flood the site with break downs of how wrong they actually where.

The proccess: first confirm your e-mail, I got this message after doing so:

Your first email should be on it's way to you any minute now, entitled "How To Change Your Life With Numerology". This report details the various numbers in a numerology chart, showing how you can use them to change your life for the better.

This will be followed by your free Numerology Chart, in which I'll examine your date of birth along with your given name, revealing specific things about you. You should recieve this via email by tomorrow.

This will be followed by further tutorials delving deeper into your numerology chart. You can of course unsubscribe at any time, simply by clicking the link added to the bottom of each email (but I hope you don't, because I have a lot of valuable information about numerology to share with you).

Please check your email in a few minutes, for How To Change Your Life With Numerology.

What you read there may well be the beginning of a Life-Changing Journey!

Important Note: If you don't get an email from me in the next 15 minutes, please look for it in your Junk E-Mail folder ... your computer may have mistakenly filed it there.

Yours in Numbers,

Next e-mail:

Hi there Shane,

I'd like to thank you and welcome you to what I hope will be
an amazing journey of discovery for you, as we delve deeply into the
truly wonderful world of numerology.

First though, let me deliver on my promise to you ... please find attached
to this email the report, "How To Change Your Life With Numerology".

This report reveals the various numbers that make up your numerology
chart, and how you can use these numbers to change your life for the better.

By this time tomorrow, I will have completed your sample numerology
chart. You can expect an email from me, with a link to your very own
numerology chart.

I hope you'll find it profoundly revealing ...

Yours in Numbers,
Blair Gorman

p.s. I suggest you read the attached report right now if you can,
because reading it will enable you to get even more from the
sample report I'll be sending you tomorrow.

14525 SW Millikan Way # 28110
Beaverton, OR 97005-2343 USA
Blair Gorman

Crazy damn yoo-hoo's. I'll let you know what my reading says when I get it.

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why even bother with this garbage?
I get bored at work...
Yup Like the emails that used to spam Usenet saying that the ASCII value of the words Microsoft and the name Bill Gates equaled 666.



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