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The Childless and Godless

This is a group to discuss the joy of being childless! I am amazed at the number of atheists I have met over the past few years that are childless by choice, here is a place to discuss stories and experiences!

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Comment by Prog Rock Girl on April 12, 2013 at 9:45am

I am so happy. Now whatever happens in the world, if birth control is unavailable due to economic collapse or republican rule, I will never be forced to have a kid. It's the only way to guarantee it.

And I sure am glad to never take depo-provera again. The side effects were horrible.

Comment by TNT666 on March 27, 2013 at 7:26pm

Welcome to the "fixed" club !
There's a bunch of us 'fixed" who discuss this theme on the VHMT Facebook page too, mostly atheists there as well, though there are a couple of mildly religious folks, very mildly. The VHEMT are an interesting bunch.
So you've got a couple of days of calm healing ahead of you. Take care :)

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on March 27, 2013 at 6:52pm

Just got fixed today. Finally!

Comment by TNT666 on October 21, 2012 at 5:22pm

There have been conversations here about depressed parents not being good parents. Personally, I stand by it. A truly depressed person is dysfunctional in society, and that is certainly not what is needed to raise a functional child. Depressed persons are low on energy, have issues with emotional stability, have difficulty establishing relationships, have difficulty with tasks, etc. Being myself one of these, and having been in treatment groups with many other such people... it's definitely best we don't have children. Was I a depressed child? is that why I've ALWAYS known I did not want children... maybe, no one can tell for sure. But I value my depression and what it makes me, my sad feelings I am convinced are related to the fact that we Homo sapiens have really fucked up planet Earth and most of humanity is more excited by power, money, materialism and living forever than enjoying nature as it is, and being ok with death as a natural part of the cycle of life, and living a balanced life, instead of a life of constant economic growth. Yes I am put off by humanity, especially the 95% of positivist faithers, including Humanists, out there who insist that everything a human does is "beautiful", BS.

Comment by Susan Stanko on October 21, 2012 at 9:52am

Oh good.  I thought I had missed something. 

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on October 21, 2012 at 9:35am

Where was the judgment of people with depression? I love it when people specifically look for ways to be outraged and offended.

Comment by Toradellin on October 21, 2012 at 6:49am

The complete abscence of empathy combined with judgemental stereotyping of those of us with depression as "unfit" parents is very sickening. I would suggest that someone that displays the traits of a compassionless arsehole, as some have displayed in these comments,

is someone who is truly "unfit" to be a parent. Those of us who suffer depression, particularly as a result of abuse, are more likely than the general population to have elevated levels of empathy and a strong motivation to protect our children from what we went through making us better parents than the average person. This is backed up by psychological research. So stop thinking in stereotypes you ignorant, nasty scum.

Comment by TNT666 on September 5, 2012 at 9:21am

wow, that sucks, hang in there, and don't take on all her burden, unless you really want to. I've often felt that way through the years as my BFF raised her child. He's turning into a teen now, the cards have been dealt, things land where they land.

Comment by Jonel Burge on September 5, 2012 at 3:43am

My sister is having a baby.

All I see is things that need preparation. It's like going camping. I'm not going to let a friend go out there without food or bugspray.

When I get a travel set(stroller/carseat) at 50% for $90, a bouncer/swing for 50%, and a high chair for %50 as well as a Boppy Pillow for $20, along with clothes for my sister to wear so she's not relegated to oversize men's t-shirts and stretchy black pants during her pregnancy....

They assume I'm looking forward to her having the baby.

No I'm not. My sister hasn't even read the FIRST book I bought her on the babycare basics. I'm anti-thrilled about this.

But again, I'm not about to pass up helpful preparation.

Also, it's been at least $1,500 so far on baby clothes, stuff, prenatal vitamins, preggy clothes, and baby furniture. And that's only so far because she hasn't had to pay for her prenatal care as she's on Medicare. Without it she'd probably already have paid about $5,000 in between regular checkups/tests. This hasn't factored in baby food or doctor visits for the baby once she has it. I kind of want to write up the massive list of baby costs and post it on signs outside of a clinic sometime.

So no, I'm not happy. I'm not thinking "yay, baby!" I'm thinking "shit, she can barely feed herself and her boyfriend only eats fried food. This is going to end up being my job half the time if I'm not careful."

Also, baby was planned baby. They tried for 3 months and the guy still isn't divorced from his ex-wife, and is still disappointed/upset that the baby is going to be a girl and not a boy. He wants her to have another(...they only live in a 2-room trailer) right after this one is born, and then another, if it's not a boy. He's also demanding she have a c-section each time because vagina size.

Now we know why I'm still single. This moron is par for the course where I live.

Thank FUCK I am too smart to fall for a moron like this.

Comment by Susan Stanko on August 16, 2012 at 3:15pm

From his post, it doesn't sound like it.


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