A general discussion on the topic really, but I also wondered if anybody else has been having the hassle I've been going through.

Basically I'd like to get the snip, but every person I've asked about it seems more capable at deciding what's best for me than I am. G.P's, consultants, and even surgeons have all told me that I'm too young and foolish to make a considered choice about my reproductive freedom at the tender age of 22. Well if that's true, why have I been legally considered responsible enough to marry and be a father since age 16? If at 16 the state saw me as mature enough to mange my own sexual and marital affairs, why am I being told that I have to wait until I'm at least 30 before they will take my requests for a vasectomy seriously?

At 16 I could have joined the army and been taught how to murder other human beings with a firearm for Christ's sake. But Heaven forfend I should request an operation on my balls. It's the sort of thing you could regret doing at a later date, isn't it?

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That's something I've considered, but not really looked into, but I get the idea that it's the same in the States as it is for you across the pond. We have an advertisement for an IUD running on television now that says the ideal candidate, among other things is "in a stable relationship" and "has already had a child."

I will tell you now, getting older most likely won't change your view. I knew as a teenager I didn't want kids and I've only gotten more resolute in that in that over the years. I'm 30 now and want kids less than i did when I was your age. It seems that the underlying problem is that most people that want kids just can't understand the psychology of those of us who don't, and I fully admit that I can't understand the psychology of those who do. It's a completely foreign concept to me, akin to figuring out what a cat is thinking.
Actually, about the IUD thing: the cervix on women who haven't had children is too small for an IUD to be inserted. So the only women who can use them are the ones who've already given birth. (Through the birth canal, I should add -- I doubt women who had C-sections could use IUDs either.)

I suspect they put in the "stable relationship" bit because IUDs don't protect against STDs.

So they aren't being prejudiced towards non-child-bearing women. It really is just a medical thing. :)
Yup, that was my case when I asked for an IUD. Although part of the problem with the IUD in women who haven't given birth is that the uterus itself is too compact- it might 'pop out' the IUD.
I got the arm implant. There was very little pain/discomfort and 3 years of freedom. :D
That's a good question. Have you proposed it to them that way? By that I mean telling them that if you're old enough to be held responsible for any child you might sire whether willingly or not, you're old enough to decide to get a vasectomy. And IIRC it's a reversible procedure so they shouldn't be acting like you're castrating yourself.
I've heard that too, but they say that reversal isn't always successful.

To which I've said 'well, if I can't get somebody pregnant, I can always adopt'.

To which they reply, 'there's always the chance you might not be considered suitable to adopt.'

Which leads me to ask 'well if I were the sort of person who would be considered an unfit adoptive father, why would I make a decent biological one?'

I do have a third appointment with a local family planning clinic coming up, and these are the sort of arguments I'm going to offer them. I've gone through it before with other people who said they knew what I was saying, but the answer was still 'no' simply because they said so. It's beyond frustrating to have something you want denied to you simply because somebody else claims to know your mind better than you do.
Oy. You try to be a responsible adult and look where it gets you. I wish you well with the idiots.

It's a tough road for an under thirty-five childless male to get a vasectomy. I wish you luck, but as a physician I'd make sure you're absolutely clear on what the vasetomy entails, document the hell that you do, then do it, and hope to yaweh you don't sue my ass 10 years later if you decide you want it reversed and can't. It's the American Way.
Surely I wouldn't have a leg to stand on in that case. If I signed the documentation saying that I fully understood a reversal may be impossible, all you would have to do is point to my signature on the form. That would be forcing me to accept the consequences of my actions, which- in theory- is what adults are supposed to do.

I would ask if any of these lawsuits against surgeons are ever successful, but I already know the answer. If somebody can run to a lawyer wailing "Baaawwww! I smoked cigarettes for twenty-five years and I got cancer! Make the tobacco industry give me money!" then they can certainly blame a doctor for providing a voluntary procedure at the patient's request.

Damn but some people can be fucking stupid.
Probably wouldn't be successful, but the cost of defending the malpractice lawsuit would still have to be paid. Win or lose the lawyers would still have to be paid.
As far as I'm concerned the only thing that any of those people should be giving you are facts about the procedure and the after effects.

If I wanted an opinion I'd ask friends or family, not a stranger...even if that stranger is wearing a lab coat and has a degree.

This is something I've considered myself (27, not married, no kids) but I'm not looking forward to the thought police telling me what I should and shouldn't do with my sperm.

Good luck with this. Hopefully you'll find someone reasonable.
I completely understand. I’m saving up and researching for a vasectomy as well. The thought of trying to convince someone that I know what’s best for me is ridiculous. I don’t ask permission for anything else I do to my body. Why should this be any different?
Religion and the dream of eternal life through progeny (humanists) are a mainstay of the medical establishment.




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