I have noticed that "family" is thrown around with an increased frequency lately.  Companies can't plaster it into advertisements enough.  As if there are anti-famiily companies.  What does "family" company mean? 


I guess the family companies don't care about me, the single, childless gay.


In other news, I have noticed, in the last year, that local business tv commercials frequently encourage viewers to "attend the church of your choice."  That causes me to get out my phonebook (yes, I know that makes me sound 98, but I live in a smallish town where local phonebooks are still handy) and mark out businesses that suggest church attendance in ads.


Am I being too sensitive, or does this type of stuff irritate you?

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Indeed the little family concept we know today as the 'nuclear' family has only existed in recent times... since the 'nucular' era :)

Before that, kids were raised by multiple related members, and adults who weren't procreating weren't 'families', they were simply adults fucking. As a proud single non-breeder, I'm am annoyed by ALL family subsidies and perks, whether corporate or government.

I would imagine you are like me and you avoid "kids eat free" restaurants like the plague.

Screaming/tantrumming kids and overpriced (or under priced) food don't mix!

No wonder there's so much heartburn these days!

Up North here, we don't have child friendly corporations, but we do have child friendly events, which seems to be every fucking event lately. Boose and music no longer mix... for the sake of 'family friendly', drinkers are now segregated to a little side pen, like cattle, instead of drinking and dancing in front of the music, where it should be done. Needless to say, music events have become quite tame. Which is one of the reasons I no longer attend many. Modern version prohibitionists these modern breeders are!

And then there's all the really crappy clowns that spend all their time bending dumb balloon animals and making stupid face paints at all these events, blech.

People are so child oriented in our society, we used to say women's careers ended at 35... today it seems like anyone above 20 is out of fashion! ... that is until one becomes a senior citizen and one becomes Big pharma's favourite age group... ha ha...  sigh.

Was that ranty enough? ;)

This far North, near the Arctic Circle... we don't have many multinationals in our face... and I don't have TV this year, so at least I'm saved from that end of things.

Oh zombie jesus, how awful!  Our music festivals are still rowdy.  You can't get in unless you are over 18.  Most ads for them specify very quickly that you cannot bring children.  I guess Texas is doing something right.  Oh, probably because beer companies sponsor the events, and make tons of money selling overpriced beer.  Duh.

Beer sponsorship used to be a big deal at Canadian public events... but if I'm not mistaken... there was a big drop in this type of sponsoring since 'promoting unhealthy behaviours' was deemed amoral and banned from sponsorship contracts. Beer sponsorships still exists but on a much smaller scale.

I remember the 80s, when I was pres of the Campus student association and we organised massive massive parties, sometimes 50% of all beer sold was sponsored, HUGE fun, massive fundraising potential :)

And all those drinking games, weeeeeeeeeeee.

But getting drunk is public is now pretty near illegal in Canada, so if you plan on really having a crazy time, gotta do it at home. Wouldn't want to set a bad example would we? (snickers)

Some folks down South look to Canada as an example of 'morality' without [as much] religion, a supposedly more secular society... But secular people's morals are usually just as screwed up as religious people. Moralists, yuk!

Moms are at the forefront of this PC, moralist, zero risk society, moms against this and that. Children ARE religion!

And all those drinking games, weeeeeeeeeeeee!  Awesome.  Who doesn't love getting drunk every now and then?  Before anyone takes it the wrong way, I mean responsibly.  But if I'm at a festival or at a bar and I'm getting drunk in front of your kid, go home.  You are in the wrong place, not me.  Don't give me dirty looks, or I'll make out with a girl in front of your kids.  Don't think I haven't done it before.  Oh, glory days...

True, but I was actually focusing on huge corporations, like SC Johnson.  Not real family businesses.  

Ok, I actually did some research, and, as it turns out, SC Johnson is a 5th generation "family owned" business.  Whatev.  Still irritating that "family" is such a selling point.

Yes, I agree! It is irritating to me as well. It assumes everyone has children and fits into a certain "mold". They leave a lot of people out -- it is not all inclusive.

annnd now we know why I don't watch tv that often.

"Family Friendly" is like "America Friendly" or "Christian Friendly"---there aren't really any un-family-friendly companies, or un-america-friendly companies--at least not where I live.

I think it's blatant pandering. This actually weeds in nicely with what my sister did the other day.

My sister is not religious. At all. If anything, she's the same sort of nu-age "my god is a personal god who tells me my hair looks good today" that my mother is.

She never attends church. She never prays.

The other day she's applying for foodstamps(because she's been too lazy to get a job the past 4 months.....) and she specifically brings up "I've been prayin' 'bout a job/this."

And I'm reminded of what someone said before-- that in america, you're told that it's good to be christian, good to be religious, good to go to church, read the bible, pray, etc-- and any mention of jesus or god or prayer automatically changes how people think of you. Everyone -likes- 'good christians', because 'good christian' in their mind means 'good person'--nevermind to be a good christian you should be slaughtering Atheists and Gay people left and right. It's the idea that's so pervasive, that christianity is a -good thing-, that church and prayer are -good things-, rather than actually getting your hands dirty and doing something about it, it's akin to slacktivism--you can easily feel good, without doing much more than sitting on a dirty wooden bench for an hour, dropping $10 in a plate, and then talking to your imaginary friend at night about your problems.

Kind of like a facebook status that is supposed to 'help' breast cancer, or changing your facebook photo for 'child abuse'--it doesn't do anything at all, but the placebo effect--bringing up prayer, the 'family friendly' atmosphere, or the face that your business is a "good christian business"--they're not doing anything. It doesn't make life better, the waitresses better, or the prices lower.

It's a cheap and easy way to upgrade one's image or pass around false feelings.

With this post, you expressed all my frustration, and the underlying reasons.  Well done.

This just reminds me of an early simpsons episode. Milhouse's parents get divorced, and his dad loses his job because its a family company. "Do single people like crackers? We don't know, and frankly we don't want to know."




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