Alright, here's some positive stuff: What can you do without kids, that you can't, with kids?

Or what's easier to do without kids than with kids.

Aka what don't we have to put up with?

so far I've got:

-Backpacking across Europe(impossible with kids)

-Camping out of an airstream and going wherever the hell you want, rather than having to deal with kiddie pool crap because that's what your children want to do.

-not having to fight over where to eat--If I want sushi, I get some sushi--no arguing about it or having kids whine about wanting Chuck E. Cheese's or Hot Dogs.

-Being able to go vegetarian without having to cook a different meal for 3 other people who refuse to go vegetarian.

-Disneyland. HOW MUCH BETTER IS IT WITHOUT KIDS? No dragging a stroller along, no them peeing in their pants because they didn't tell you that they needed to pee before you got in line, no them breaking down and crying at 10am after only being there 2 hours because "it's hot and I'm tiiiired."

-Open air markets. I can't tell you how many times I've had little brats get underfoot at these places. Leashes should be required.

-I can eat things like Fugu and not have people mark it as "reckless"

-I can stay in single-occupancy hostels and not need a private room in the "family" section because my kids won't stop leaning over the balcony and screaming at other guests.

-CLOTHES: I only have to shop for myself.

-I don't have to deal with kids begging for toys. I buy my own goddamn toys.

-I can choose a cruise to Ireland over the Disney Cruise and not get an earful of screaming.

And hey, if I want the Disney cruise, that's cool too. It's my choice.

-Grocery shopping. Takes 20 minutes. In with a list, out in 15 minutes, I can even take express checkout because I don't require a billion snacks.

-My cat will never, EVER throw food at me because it's not exactly what he wanted. Instead, he'll politely eat some and leave the rest in his bowl. Thanks for being polite, kitty.

-I may have to change a kitty's litter box, but at least I don't have to wipe poop off his butt or make sure he doesn't put pennies in his mouth.

-If I want to get a dog or cat tomorrow, I don't have to school my kids and make sure that the animal is "kid and family friendly"--I can go adopt a new furbaby.

-I love my electronics. Kids do, too. They sadly, never seem to understand "no, don't touch that."

-Five Words: Peanut Butter Sandwich In VCR.

-No stressful picking out of a private school for Junior because hey, Petco will train Junior to sit and hell just fine.

-I fell in love with Weasels the other day. I kind of want a pet weasel now. I don't have to take progeny into thought for this.

-My purse has notebooks in it, not crushed cheerios and used band-aids.

-I can watch whatever I want on tv for hours. No demands of Disney or Teletubbies here.

-I can have a small car, and keep a small car. Mini-vans are family cars for a reason.

-I hate sports. Luckily, I will never have to pretend to be interested in soccer, football, basketball, or baseball, because I will never have kids in those sports.

Alright, got any more to add?

I'm curious to what you find the positive/pro of being without kids/human larvae.

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I can't really add much to that extensive list, Jonel. I've never had to plan the arrangement of my rooms with kids in mind. I can have as many power tools in my workshop as I want without worrying about kids playing with them and getting injured. I have my entire backyard to myself---no swings, swimming pool, sand box or other accomodations for young children. What I value above all else, however, is peace and quiet. My cats don't run about the place yelling and screaming. My neighbour's kids, on the other hand, create a constant din whenever they're outside. Fortunately, their house is nearly out of earshot of mine.

Same here, peace and quiet! I can sleep in on weekends, and when I do get up, I can make a pot of coffee and have a quiet morning reading books. I can go out at the spur of the moment, or go to a concert without worrying about finding a sitter. Plus, as a woman, I can have all the caffeine, sushi and alcohol I desire. I've always been more of a dog person anyway... And I don't have to worry about leaving work early due to some family emergency. I like my job and would not like not getting work done on time due to sick kids. Overall I am an introverted loner so I thrive on solitude.

Uggh, really, does that mean much of the age-related decline in alcohol consumption is family-related? I badly want to meet atheists who don't drink.

Sounds like a nice relaxing evening to me! :)

What did I do without kids that I could not have done with them?

Unlike my four sibs who among them adopted two kids and birthed seven, I had:

1) time to quit Catholicism, which required me to reason my way past 12 years of Catholic school dogma, and

2) time to recover from growing up in an occasionally violent home.

While doing #1 I finished college, and found work I loved and was well paid to do.

While doing #2 I became a non-fiction writer, a speaker, a candidate for a state legislative seat, and an extrovert.

At 45, I retired and started an even happier second career: researching and writing non-fiction.

After 15 years away from my dad, I met him and no longer felt a need to pound him, like a nail, into the ground.

I did not work as hard as he did and had no kids who hated me the way I had hated him.

And, at 82, my hair has not yet turned gray or white.

Jonel, I appreciate your asking. Thanks.

I can put on a "Not Rated" movie at any time, and not have to worry about the sexual/violence/language content, or a kid repeating it later. Only if I find it objectionable do I have to stop watching it. I don't have to search for and only watch "family friendly" content.

There are no churchy busy-bodies telling me what an awful and irresponsible parent I am for not sending my kids to Sunday school or Bible camp.

I don't have to get outraged about them being taught religion in a public school. Instead, I can express my outrage generally about religion being taught in any public school, and them -not- teaching the scientific method.




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