I'm leaning towards not having kids, but I consider myself a secular humanist. I hope that one day the world will be free of superstition. So, my question is, for all those childless humanists, wouldn't it be better to have (or adopt)more kids to counteract the kids that have to grow up with theism, or would that be considered overpopulation? I'm only 19, so I just want to know what the older people think...

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No problem. Thanks K.R. Technically you are older, but I appreciate your response. I wouldn't want to have kids and brainwash them into any belief. I would also want them to think for themselves.
One thing you have to remember is that children are individuals; not our weapons, and not something to use to out-breed the religious. Making life should never be considered a game where you have to score the most points.

Having children is a serious thing. A thing we happen to do for our own selfish reasons, no matter how hard people try to rationalize it. Whether you make a human being yourself, or take over another human being, you're creating a relationship of ultimate power over the life of another. Not something to take lightly, and a power relationship that is worth considering the implications and morality of. I can't help remembering hearing a dick on tv freak out that children are becoming more and more brown on one arbitrary side of an arbitrary "border" (we tend to call it a country). He cried to "white people:" "Breed! Breed! Breed!" No matter how well-intentioned; I see a similarity here. Who asks the bred what their choice is?

Whatever we make is an individual who will ultimately make his or her choices alone (with grave coercion from someone who controls his freedom).

It should not be a question to ask individuals who have made the moral choice to not make more people. It's up to existing individuals what their choices are morally. Was it ever up to our parents, ultimately, what positive things we do in our lives? How many of us were made by the ultra-religious? How many of us were made with the intention to bolster the population of a particular ideology? Did we have a choice in the matter? The fuck we had a choice! But look at us now!

I'm sure that atheist parents can make good kids. I don't really know many. I envy them.

But did it take several generations of gay parents to make gay-friendly kids? Of course not! (And those of course were made by heterosexual sex, what else?) It took a couple generations of exposure to the real world for most kids to not give a damn. Once these kids become the Urban Professionals, it may be like a bad memory.

We already know whose gonna breed; who holds the ideology that breeding makes good people, and I would hope it sure as hell isn't us. All you have to do is look in the bible to see that kind of reason. We have the power to make the world a better place right now, anyway. By direct action. We gotta clean our own houses first. We gotta treat each other right, and forcing it is just fucking exactly what we SHOULDN'T be doing. Because wasn't that the world we were trying to change?
I agree that we have to start with what we have now, "clean our own houses first".

You seem really passionate about not having kids. Was there ever a time where you thought about having them? If so, what kept you on the path to having no kids?
I don't think anyone should have or adopt kids unless their intention is to put the child's interests first. I think it's shitty to try to brain wash kids into a religion, and I think that trying to force them to not believe is just as shitty. I think the goal should be to give a part of the next generation the foundations needed to be happy healthy adults.
Completely agree :)
Thanks for sharing. :)




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